Gashee Stories: Accounts of Life Changing Results and Testimonials from Real Gashee Users.

Historias del Dr.UGro Gashee: Restaurando Y Reviviendo Pelo Sin Vida, Sin Brillo, Ni Volumen: Aunque Ana, de Inglewood, Los Ángeles, se sentía aliviada y entusiasmada al finalizar el tratamiento del cáncer de seno, quedó un poco triste. Su cabello perdió su brillo y se estaba quebrando. Meses después de terminar el tratamiento del cáncer, su
The men in his family — they have different degrees of hair tribulation with loss of fullness and hair health. But Josh clung to the idea that he could restore his hair and break his family’s hair stereotypes. He knew if he didn’t take proactive measures to protect and strengthen his hair, that he’d end
Trying Natural Hair Products to Revitalize Dry Hair
Fighting Hair Frustrations – Unearthing Natural Hair Care Solutions: Over a year ago, life threw yet another challenge to breast cancer survivor, Ana, from Anaheim, Calif. Although her hair did grow back months after chemotherapy, the texture and tone of the hair changed. Her hair had lost its luster and it was breaking. I could
Gashee Hair Stories – I couldn’t Believe Really…It was Really A Miracle – Laura Holcomb: Hawthorne, Calif. native, Laura, ran the hairbrush through her hair. Her coarse parched hair strands clung to the brush like magnets. Sitting in front of piles of straggly hair, an immense wave of sadness washed over her. Her hair was
Within 3 months of starting Dr.UGro Gashee Diane’s hair health had been restored in her edges*
Two years ago, Chicago native, Diane, noticed the texture and thickness of her hair changed. It was patchy and frail. The sparse hairs revealed a substantial part of her scalp on the top and her temples ( edges ); the skimpy hairs told a telltale story that something was amiss. “My hair was never thick,”