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Treat Your Roots

All Natural | Cold Formulated

Dermatologist created and tested hair care line developed to nourish, repair & strengthen hair of all types, helping those suffering from or looking to prevent hair loss.

All Hair Type

Made for Everyone

Dermatologist Tested

Formulated and Tested by Dr. U

No Harmful Ingredients

No Parabens, Synthetic, etc.

Recyclable & Cruelty Free

Eco-Friendly and Animal Safe

Best Selling Products

Natural Botanical Hair Lotion

Cherish Your Roots

Cold processed, free of drugs or harsh chemicals. Lotion trickles down the hair shaft to the scalp to nourish, stimulate growing hair.  The blend is designed to trickle down the hair shaft to the scalp.

Natural Botanical Hair Pomade

Bring Your Edge Back

World’s first natural cold processed pomade, free of petroleum, drugs or harsh chemicals for quadruple purpose of hair stimulation, conditioning, moisturization and stylant for edge control.

Natural Hair & Nail Oral Supplement

Optimize Your Hair Health From Within

Formulated using well research natural phytoactive ingredients to support, condition, nourish, and boost your growing hair in harmony with holistic hair health

"Dr. UGro Gashee gave me my smile back" - Ana

Formulated and Tested by board certified dermatologist, Dr. Sanusi Umar

All Natural Ingredients

Made from elements of earth. No animal ingredients. No drugs. No harmful chemicals. No additives.


Hair boosting and stimulation. Fuller, longer, thicker hair. Revitalize aging grey hair. Long term conditioning. Defense against split ends, frizz and breakage.


Cold formulation. Natural Ingredients. Vegan. No harsh chemicals, preservatives, pharmaceuticals, SLS/Phthalates, Paraben, Petroleum.

Dermatologist Tested

Dr.UGro Gashee® proprietary formulas combined modern science with the organic intelligence of plant chemistry. Suitable for all hair types.

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