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Dr.UGro Gashee Natural Botanical Hair Lotion

Cherish Your Roots

Dr.UGro'” Gashee Natural Botanical Hair Lotion is Dermatologist formulated, tested and approved. Made with herbal extracts and oils by a cold formulation process, to preserve the best that nature has to offer by avoiding the destructive effect of heat.

Dr.UGro Gashee Natural Botanical Hair Lotion is formulated using well research natural phytoactive ingredients to support, condition, nourish and boost your growing hair in harmony with holistic hair health and your preferred hair grooming practices

Gashee liquid lotion can be applied to the scalp by spritz or a dropper. Ideal for natural or chemically treated long hair, braids, dreadlocks, weaves, or natural free flowing hair. The plant blend is designed to trickle down the hair shaft to the scalp for optimal hair boosting nourishment and direct hair stimulation.

Choose from two of your preferred minty aroma forms

Cool Spice (Citrusy)

Mane Musk (Musky)

Both forms are infused with the same amounts of phytoactive ingredients and have identical hair activity.

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Made with herbal extracts and oils through a completely cold formulation process, Dr. U Gro Gashee Natural Botanical Hair Lotion is dermatologist formulated, tested and approved.

Dr.UGro Gashee Botanical Hair Lotion revitalizes natural and chemically treated hair, even when braided, dreadlocked, or weaved! This incredible product, delivered either by spritz or dropper trickles down to the hair shaft unto the scalp, moisturizing and soothing dryness without residual greasiness. Simply add Dr.UGro Gashee Botanical Hair Lotion to your morning and nightly hair routine and let it nourish your hair growth with its hair-boosting phytoactive ingredients.

NO: Parabens, Petroleum Products; Sodium Lauryl Sulfate; Synthetic Fragrance/Colors; Animal Ingredients or Testing; Phthalates

YES: Recyclable; Vegetarian – Vegan; Renewable resources; Cruelty-free; Biodegradable Ingredients

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6 months ago
Jason W.

10/10 product, my hair is not breaking anymore!

7 months ago
Ashley M.

This product has helped re-grow my thinning hair! All of the ingredients are great and it has a natural earthy smell. I will be re-purchasing!

How To Use

For Hair Stimulation: use 1-2 times a day. Apply pea size amount to fingers and rub directly to scalp skin of target area

For Styling Purposes: Apply desired amount into hair and style as needed

As Hair Mask: Apply desired amount enough to coat entire hair shafts including hair ends and leave on for 45 minutes or overnight. Shampoo and condition as usual.

Allow Dr.UGro Gashee Natural Botanical Hair Pomade ample time to work on your scalp

Wait for 4 hours after application before washing your hair or going swimming

When applying at bedtime, allow at least 10 minutes before laying head on pillow to minimize staining of pillow covers

Although results begin typically at 3-6 weeks, allow up to 3 months for results



Visit our FAQ page for answers to most of your questions about Gashee Natural Hair Products

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