The men in his family — they have different degrees of hair tribulation with loss of fullness and hair health. But Josh clung to the idea that he could restore his hair and break his family’s hair stereotypes. He knew if he didn’t take proactive measures to protect and strengthen his hair, that he’d end
Trying Natural Hair Products to Revitalize Dry Hair
Fighting Hair Frustrations – Unearthing Natural Hair Care Solutions : Over a year ago, life threw yet another challenge to breast cancer survivor, Ana, from Anaheim, Calif. Although her hair did grow back months after chemotherapy, the texture and tone of the hair changed. Her hair had lost its luster and it was breaking. I
Gashee Hair Stories – I couldn’t Believe Really…It was Really A Miracle – Laura Holcomb: Hawthorne, Calif. native, Laura, ran the hairbrush through her hair. Her coarse parched hair strands clung to the brush like magnets.  Sitting in front of piles of straggly hair, an immense wave of sadness washed over her. Her hair was patchy,
Within 3 months of starting Dr.UGro Gashee Diane’s hair health had been restored in her edges*
Two years ago, Chicago native, Diane, noticed the texture and thickness of her hair changed. It was patchy and frail. The sparse hairs revealed a substantial part of her scalp on the top and her temples ( edges ); the skimpy hairs told a telltale story that something was amiss.  “My hair was never thick,”
hair sunblock
Red Ochre as a Skin and Hair Sunblock an Old Himba Discovery: Circa 1800s, when the colonialists began “exploring” the harsh Namib desert, they were shocked to discover that there are people who call it home. Coming across the Himba residents of the area, they considered the red skin coating of their skin a primitive
diy hair mask
You’ve heard of DIY face masks, but the DIY hair mask can be an equally powerful tool when it comes to healthy hair maintenance. In this article we’ll explore 12 all-natural ingredients you can probably find in your kitchen right now that can be used to create an effective DIY hair mask.  1. Tea Tea
For centuries the himba have used red ochre to protect their skin and hair from the harsh Namib desert sun
Throughout the world, different cultures have their own traditions for remembering and paying homage to their ancestors. In this day and age, however, many of us focus on areas like career, education, and building a life for ourselves. And in our downtime, our attention is often occupied by technology and the media. But devoting more
Toxins in Beauty Products
Many of us find ourselves constantly enamored with the magic offered by beauty products. They provide us with a sense of novelty, exploration and new creative possibilities for reinventing the image that we see of ourselves in the mirror everyday, or renewing the quality of our skin and hair. The allure of beauty products is
Risky Synthetic Chemicals Prohibited By Brands Like Whole Foods Market
Whole Foods Market is known for carrying high quality consciously manufactured beauty, grooming and personal care products. Customers are able to place their trust in these purchases as being safe for the body and the environment. Whole Foods believes that what we put on our skin and hair is just as important as the dietary
NPA Approved Processes for Natural Products
The National Products Association (NPA) specifies processes which are permitted in the manufacturing of natural products that qualify for certification by the organization. Processing methods matter for preserving the bioactive properties of the ingredients so that they can effectively benefit human health and well-being. Dr.UGro ™ products have been crafted using processes included in this
Synthetic Ingredients Prohibited by the NPA
The National Product Association (NPA) has compiled a list of synthetic ingredients which cannot be included for products to qualify as natural, according to their certification standards. In general, ingredients are prohibited if they contain petroleum or synthetic silicone constituents or if they are potentially dangerous to human health, as supported by scientific or research
Genuine Natural Products Abide By High Standards Set Forth by the NPA
Through their ongoing mission to facilitate consumer access to personal care as well as home products that can truly be considered natural, the National Product Association has defined a list of “positive” ingredients which meet their criteria for the concept of natural, under the NPA National Standard.  All ingredients must be sourced from natural renewable
Hope for Natural Beauty Products
n The concept of using beauty products sourced from nature is alluring to many women.  Intuitively, there’s something that just feels right and satisfying about choosing natural over unnatural products. Statistics and market forecasts illustrate an immense growth in the demand for beauty products considered natural, green and organic.  According to Future Market Insights, the
From Nature to Beauty Product- What is Considered Natural
More people than ever before, particular millenials, seem to prefer beauty products that are considered natural. The interest can generally be defined as having minimal to virtually no synthetic chemicals, with plant botanicals as the main ingredient. Likewise, today’s consumers are also attracted to label terms such as green, organic and sustainable.  Here is a
In the beauty world, it seems that rice bran is growing in popularity, either as an oil or product ingredient. Like many plant based extracts being talked about and marketed to consumers, rice bran is being attributed to a wide range of health benefits, including healthier looking tresses. While we should always be aware that