Methionine May Influence Genetic Expression to Improve Hair Growth Capacity
Your hair and hair follicles are made of proteins made of building blocks called amino acids. So when you optimize your intake of amino acids, your body can have enough resources it needs to create proteins. Methionine is one example of an amino acid that plays an extremely important role in your physiology and the
Mushrooms Are A Great Source of Vitamin D
Vitamin D is a fat soluble vitamin that we need for many areas of health like the normal development of bones and teeth and even the growth of hair. It also stimulates new cell growth, even in hair follicles. Deficiencies have been linked to various disorders including hair loss. So is it enough to just
A study has shown that the aroma of cinnamon might have the ability to sharpen the mind
Cinnamon oil has been used by humans all over the world since ancient times for many health areas. But can it also improve your hair? Many people think this is just superstition. But in fact, scientists are finding new forms of evidence that cinnamon extract can improve the scalp environment so that your hair follicles
Soy food products are not just a trendy fad. Some research suggests that they may help prevent alopecia
Soy food products are immensely popular among health enthusiasts and those who have adopted plant based diets. But they are more than just a trendy fad. Researchers are finding that soybean protein and fatty acids from soy-oil can promote a wide range of health benefits including hair loss reversal. If you feel inspired to introduce
Selenium is an essential trace element that our bodies need to conduct numerous processes, including normal and healthy hair growth. We get most of our selenium from dietary sources. When this mineral is deficient, various health disorders can develop including hair loss. Likewise, excessive amounts can lead to other types of ailments. These phenomena obviously
The bamboo plant is an abundant source of organic silica, offering a wide range of benefits for healthier hair and a healthy body
Bamboo is considered to be the fastest growing plant in the world. Another remarkable fact to know is that it also contains higher levels of organic silica, beyond any other known source. Researchers believe that this mineral plays a key role in supporting the bamboo plant’s resilience to many types of stressors, a possible reason
Grape seeds are a rich and abundant source of antioxidants
Since the dawn of history, grapes have been consumed by humans across many different cultures, either as raw fruits or prepared as food products such as juice, jams and wine. The seeds themselves are normally discarded, since they are hard and have a bitter taste. Yet, since they are a rich source of antioxidants, they
Does MSM help with hair growth
Methylsulfomethane ( MSM ), also known as dimethyl sulfone, methyl sulfone and DMSO2, is a colorless, crystalline substance which is an organic source of biologically active sulfur which can exert a direct physiological effect in the body. Often touted as the “miracle supplement,” it is recommended for inflammatory conditions such as arthritis,along with other health
What Does The Smell Of Your Hair Product Tell You? It Smells Like an Herb Because It Is An Herb: The best smelling hair products might be the ones that feel the most familiar. Take a deep breath and draw it in. Upon taking the first sniff of topical Dr.UGro Gashee botanical hair product, you