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Published on March 17, 2021. Last Updated on October 22, 2021.

Although just about all hair, skin, and beauty products justify their position with some type of science as part of their product marketing, our approach goes even further. We thought out more of the details behind the workings of your hair follicles and put together a much bigger cause-and-effect picture, instead of just relying on a single pathway for answers.

As a result, our brand has an actual study published by the peer-reviewed medical journal, Case Studies in Dermatological Medicine. The publication is entitled, A Multimodal Hair Loss Treatment Strategy Using A New Topical Phytoactive Formulation (1).

The hair health promoting effects of Gashee were noted in a medical journal entitled Case Studies in Dermatological Science
The hair health-promoting effects of Gashee were noted in a medical journal entitled Case Studies in Dermatological Science

Here we describe how it is possible for an all-natural, botanical topical to improve the health of our hair. And secondly, we also discuss what happens with our hair cycles and follicles when we experience hair loss as the basis for our plant-based formulation. In the end, five real-life individuals who applied our GASHEE topical on a consistent basis were able to experience remarkable changes in the quality of their hair.

Why Natural May Be Far Better Than Synthetic

As supporters of Nature and her inherent intelligent design, we recognize that unrefined, whole-plant extracts are better than industrially isolated single-molecule compounds.

According to Dr.Andrew Weil, our bodies are very intelligent and precisely aware of what it needs to heal and restore a healthy state of balance, whether its an illness, or even hair loss as well.

In our digest tract, for example, different sets of receptors become active, depending on the exact needs of our body. This mechanism allows us to then take in very specific nutritional compounds to heal and restore balance.

As opposed to synthetically made treatments, the whole plant doesn’t just contain a single (active ingredient) molecule, but many related variations of it. This includes neutralizing compounds.

If the active constituent produces an effect that is extreme and throws our body’s system off balance, the neutralizing constituents help to restore a normal state of equilibrium.

Through this novel viewpoint, we have to start considering our physiology as manifestations of Nature’s intelligence, not machines. Plants are also part of this design, supporting a healthy and harmonious state of interconnectedness within the living world.

For these reasons, our GASHEE topical formulation as published in the article includes over 12 phytoactive ingredients, affecting “multiple targets in the cascade of pathophysiologic events” that cause hair loss.

Besides just choosing these ingredients, there is yet another consideration that is often overlooked. This has to do with processing. We have to remember that plant matter and its inherent healing goodness are easily destroyed by heat.

When processing our ingredients, we made sure to avoid the use of heat to preserve the biological activity of the important active healing compounds needed by our own hair follicles.

The Need For Beauty and Brains

The idea of beauty and profound transformation is something that we, as humans, covet and hold dear.

However, becoming enamored with these ideals is a fleeting experience that later dissipates over time when we don’t experience the improvements that we had hoped for.

As our study shows, magical results are certainly possible using natural, plant-based means. The one vital component to making everything work in the end is well-thought-out science which acknowledges our anatomy as a part of the intelligent, interconnected design of Nature herself.

This understanding is something that our ancestors already knew. We simply applied the principles of modern science to create evidence-based outcomes.

When Natural Beauty Meets Science For Meaningful Hair Product Results

At Dr.UGro Gashee, we are all too familiar with the relentless buying cycle of male and female customers who are constantly searching for the ultimate hair beauty or grooming product. This is why we diligently worked to create a product line that actually works so that our customers can actually experience noticeable changes for the better.

Fanciful Botanical Ingredients Are Not Enough

At Dr.UGro Gashee, we believe that beauty and hair products need to work to help us experience amazing results.  However, these truths can be easy for all of us to forget.  We often find

ourselves distracted by things like the allure brought about by sleek packaging, fragrance, and fanciful marketing. It’s easy to get lost in stylish imagery and first impressions.  As a result, many of us understand what it is like to feel delighted at first and disappointed with our results later on.

Our brand wanted to develop a product that will deliver ongoing satisfaction and life-changing hair improvements. This could only become possible by looking deeper into the science behind your hair as well as our formulation.

When we created our product formulas, we didn’t just mix together a set of pretty-sounding botanicals, that are supposed to be “good” for our hair. We wanted to help others actually witness for themselves the actual manifestation of soft, healthy, vibrant hair.

In order for our product line to achieve actual results, we found it necessary to rely on the logistics of actual science. As many of you know, Gashee is a dermatologist formulated. We don’t say this for no reason. As you read further, you’ll understand why this particular expertise is a necessity, not a nice-to-have.

Only a real doctor would have an in-depth understanding of your hair’s anatomy. With a working knowledge of the important biochemical pathways involved, behind the scenes, we are able to put our plant-based ingredients to work for the betterment of your hair.

In the ever-growing sea of natural beauty products, there is much out there for us to explore. This is not a chore, but an effortless pastime. Many people enjoy looking for their next favorite lotion, serum, hair moisture, and other modern potions.   Deep down we carry a deep-seated longing for the beauty offered by nature.  We see this as a rare luxury, due to living in the modern age of advanced technology, city environments, and mass-produced consumerism. We channel this drive by constantly pursuing the latest new beauty product. Skin, hair, and makeup brands know this quite well.

This is why more products are including the names of exotic plants, fruits, and flowers. These terms stir our imagination and our desire to connect to the natural world through allegorical myth and beauty.  You may have had the experience of coming across a beauty product labeled with botanical ingredients that exude the essence of an Eden-like garden. And how lovely is the thought of having a bottle filled with the extracts of sage, rosehips, edelweiss flowers, blended in a carrier of floral essential oils? Or, what about the notion of a lush green Amazonian rainforest, as suggested by ingredients such as Acai berries, Babassu oil, ground Brazil nuts, and Andiroba leaves?

Many natural beauty products the essence of greenery, flowers, and gardens. But do they actually work?

Many natural beauty products the essence of greenery, flowers, and gardens. But do they actually work?

Subconsciously, many natural beauty products offer us the promise of magical transformation and renewal inside and out. There is a part of us deep down, holding onto the hope that the flawlessness of flower petals, fresh greenery, and the aroma of fragrant barks can somehow be imbued into our skin and hair.

The promise of Nature's beauty and healing abilities is compelling for today's consumers
The promise of Nature’s beauty and healing abilities is compelling for today’s young consumers

Our longing to bring more of Nature into our own lives and quench our thirst for clean beauty has defined a new generation of luxury products. However, in more cases than not, we later find that our hair and skin end up looking the same. We then start again on the hunt to find other new and exciting natural products.

Frequently Asked Questions – Natural Hair Products

How do UGro Gashee hair products prevent spoilage and bacterial, fungal growth as an all-natural line?

Great question. We have carefully researched the world of natural ingredients to determine the most effective preservatives. To overcome the issues of preservation and shelf life, our products include highly effective naturally derived and sustainable antimicrobial agents to help maintain the integrity and longevity of our formulations. The journey of researching and identifying these preservatives was, by no means, an easy one. However, in the end, we succeeded in creating a true-to-nature product option that you can keep in your bathroom cabinet, like your other beauty and grooming products.

Why is heat used to produce beauty and hair products?

Heat is used to achieve a more desirable texture. It also serves to combine ingredients more uniformly during emulsification and dissolution processes. However, as discussed above, the use of heat can destroy the effectiveness of plant compounds by deactivating or destabilizing important phytochemicals.

Are there any advantages to using topical preparations versus oral ones when it comes to treatments for the hair?

Topical formulations offer a more direct route to targeted areas. Also, many men and women may find it aversive to consume oral preparations, including pharmaceuticals. Topicals may serve as a better alternative for these individuals.


  1. Umar S. and Carter M. A Multimodal Hair-Loss Treatment Strategy Using a New Topical Phytoactive Formulation, Case Reports in Dermatological Medicine / 2021

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