Mushrooms Are A Great Source of Vitamin D
Vitamin D is a fat soluble vitamin that we need for many areas of health like the normal development of bones and teeth and even the growth of hair. It also stimulates new cell growth, even in hair follicles. Deficiencies have been linked to various disorders including hair loss. So is it enough to just
A study has shown that the aroma of cinnamon might have the ability to sharpen the mind
Cinnamon oil has been used by humans all over the world since ancient times for many health areas. But can it also improve your hair? Many people think this is just superstition. But in fact, scientists are finding new forms of evidence that cinnamon extract can improve the scalp environment so that your hair follicles
Grape seeds are a rich and abundant source of antioxidants
Since the dawn of history, grapes have been consumed by humans across many different cultures, either as raw fruits or prepared as food products such as juice, jams and wine. The seeds themselves are normally discarded, since they are hard and have a bitter taste. Yet, since they are a rich source of antioxidants, they
Rapunzel and Prince Charming - Dr.UGro Gashee
Like most people, they heard the story as kids. But never did they imagine that Rapunzel was a real woman—who worked hard to earn those locks with a magical secret potion that turned out to be Dr.UGro Gashee. Watch the video below to learn the UNTOLD story behind her beautiful long hair and what her
Natural hair restoration techniques for targeting common hair loss pathways are finding more support from modern researchers
It seems that there are natural forms of remedies for just about every area of health. Many people are even seeking solutions for restoring hair growth, softness and shine naturally without the toxic risks of man-made chemicals. But is the growing demand for these types of treatment approaches based on a nostalgia for oral tradition
For centuries the himba have used red ochre to protect their skin and hair from the harsh Namib desert sun
Throughout the world, different cultures have their own traditions for remembering and paying homage to their ancestors. In this day and age, however, many of us focus on areas like career, education, and building a life for ourselves. And in our downtime, our attention is often occupied by technology and the media. But devoting more
Toxins in Beauty Products
Many of us find ourselves constantly enamored with the magic offered by beauty products. They provide us with a sense of novelty, exploration and new creative possibilities for reinventing the image that we see of ourselves in the mirror everyday, or renewing the quality of our skin and hair. The allure of beauty products is
Risky Synthetic Chemicals Prohibited By Brands Like Whole Foods Market
Whole Foods Market is known for carrying high quality consciously manufactured beauty, grooming and personal care products. Customers are able to place their trust in these purchases as being safe for the body and the environment. Whole Foods believes that what we put on our skin and hair is just as important as the dietary
NPA Approved Processes for Natural Products
The National Products Association (NPA) specifies processes which are permitted in the manufacturing of natural products that qualify for certification by the organization. Processing methods matter for preserving the bioactive properties of the ingredients so that they can effectively benefit human health and well-being. Dr.UGro ™ products have been crafted using processes included in this
Synthetic Ingredients Prohibited by the NPA
The National Product Association (NPA) has compiled a list of synthetic ingredients which cannot be included for products to qualify as natural, according to their certification standards. In general, ingredients are prohibited if they contain petroleum or synthetic silicone constituents or if they are potentially dangerous to human health, as supported by scientific or research
Genuine Natural Products Abide By High Standards Set Forth by the NPA
Through their ongoing mission to facilitate consumer access to personal care as well as home products that can truly be considered natural, the National Product Association has defined a list of “positive” ingredients which meet their criteria for the concept of natural, under the NPA National Standard. All ingredients must be sourced from natural renewable