Rapunzel and Her Bandit Prince – Dr.UGro Gashee

As soon as Carla and Jodie saw what made Rapunzel let down her long hair in the first place, they clutched their sparse scalps in shock.

Like most people, they heard the story as kids. But never did they imagine that Rapunzel was a real woman—who worked hard to earn those locks with a secret sauce that turns out to be Gashee.

Well, at least was her secret until the prince swiped the goods up and galloped off into the sunset with them. So rude, right?

Rude—yet, somehow still dashing. That’s the power Gashee™ over Repunzel’s bandit prince that had Carla and Jodie wanting one to call their own.

But according to the commercial, princes have a thing Gashee and long lush tresses. And in that department, the two lifelong friends were certainly lacking.

Carla’s strands began to say “see ya” after extensions tugged at her roots for years, causing her to lose her edge. Thanks to “traction alopecia.”

And ever since going bleach blonde, Jodie’s tresses began to see trouble thanks to harsh chemical damage.



Rapunzel and her Gashee Bandit Prince

Rapunzel is known for her hair, but she should have kept the secret to her glorious hair - GASHEE from her suitor prince with bad hair.



BFFs do everything together, so Carla and Jodie had tried everything in the book to bring their roots back.

Hair masks worked for some time but never lasted. And the supplements were chewy and sweet, but never resulted in any real growth.


That’s when they knew they had to get their hands on one thing— Gashee!!





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