The NPA’s List of Prohibited Ingredients for Natural Product Certification

Published on October 14, 2019. Last Updated on November 8, 2019.

Synthetic Ingredients Prohibited by the NPA
The NPA prohibits the inclusion of synthetic ingredients which can potentially harm human health

The National Product Association (NPA) has compiled a list of synthetic ingredients which cannot be included for products to qualify as natural, according to their certification standards. In general, ingredients are prohibited if they contain petroleum or synthetic silicone constituents or if they are potentially dangerous to human health, as supported by scientific or research literature published by third party, peer reviewed organizations.

All these prohibited items have been avoided in the formulation of Dr.UGro products.

Petroleum, mineral oil, paraffin – considered to be non-renewable crude oil byproduct which often contain unsafe or toxic impurities

Chemical synthetic sunscreens, oxybenzone and avobenzone – may disrupt hormone balance within the human body

Sodium lauryl sulfate – harsh cleansing factor which may damage the protective outer lipid layer of the skin, resulting in irritation

Parabens – synthetic family of chemical compounds which may disrupt the endocrine system

Synthetic fragrances – often contain artificial additives and use petroleum-based solvents for the purpose of extraction

Glycols – synthetic compounds derived from petroleum which can potentially attract other chemicals into the bloodstream

Formaldehyde donors  (DMDM Hydantoin / Diazolidinyl Urea) – preservatives that operate by the release of formaldehyde

Phthalates – artificial fragrances which are potentially toxic

PVP/ Acrylates – synthetic polymer stabilizers which may contain residual compounds known as PAH’s (Polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons) considered to be organic pollutants

Ethoxylated ingredients – made in part with the petrochemical known as ethylene oxide which result in a trace contaminant known as 1,4 Dioxane which is a possible cancer causing agent

  • Sodium myreth sulfate
  • Sodium laureth sulfate
  • PEG’s or PPG’s

Ethanolamines MEA/DEA/TEA – ingredients that enhance viscosity for the production of foam. They are known to interact with other ingredients to produce a known group of carcinogens called nitrosamines

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