Gashee Hair Stories: I was looking for something to up my game – Josh

Published on June 22, 2020. Last Updated on December 1, 2021.

The men in his family — they have different degrees of hair tribulation with loss of fullness and hair health. But Josh clung to the idea that he could restore his hair and break his family’s hair stereotypes. He knew if he didn’t take proactive measures to protect and strengthen his hair, that he’d end up like them. 

“I was perhaps sensitive that I was looking into the future,” he said referring to his family members. “Hair loss can be something that distracts your mind and takes your mind off the moment.” 

After that, the Van Nuys, Calif. native said he noticed his hair was dry and brittle. “I was also experiencing some fallout,” he added.


Implementing Natural Hair Care Solutions To Restore Flat Brittle Hair Josh from Van Nuys, Calif. thought that he would end up like most of the men in his family – Troubled hair. Although he stayed on top of his hair loss with several small sessions of hair transplantation, he continued to have issues with hair breaking, loss of fullness, and overall poor hair health. According to Josh, when he noticed his salt and pepper hair was brittle and flat, accompanied by a dry scalp, he was worried. He had to find a way to revitalize his hair. That’s when he decided to give natural hair care solutions Dr. UGro Gashee a chance. A year later, his hair feels moisturized, thicker, stronger, and healthier. View our customer results: Dr. Ugro Gashee located in Manhattan Beach, Calif. USA Telephone: +1-310-318-1500 2121 North Sepulveda Boulevard Manhattan Beach, California 90266 Visit our website: **Follow us on social media** FB: IG: Twitter: Pinterest:


“I’d been looking for something to up my game,” Josh said candidly. 

He also shared that aside from the dry hair, it was flat and he was experiencing a scalp irritation. Eventually, he found Dr. UGro Gashee Botanical Hair Lotion and started using it on a daily basis.  The Gashee Hair Lotion is an all natural hair lotion that supports growing hair by keeping it nourished and moisturized. 

Mane Taming: Managing His Hair Care Routine

Using Gashee herbal oil to restore and maintain healthy hair.
Josh decided to use Dr.UGro Gashee in an effort to implement a hair health restorative routine.

Every morning, after he’s washed and towel-dried his hair Josh adds a few drops of the hair lotion in his palms and combs through his strands, especially coating the scalp and ends.

 How to use the Dr. UGro Gashee Natural Hair Lotion
As soon as Josh discovered the Dr. UGro Gashee products he said he used the hair lotion daily.

After that, he’s off to start his day. Simple and easy. The hair lotion applied to the scalp nourished and boosted growing hair, but it also reduced hair breakage, split ends, and frizz. By implementing the hair lotion into his hair grooming routine, Josh said he noticed, almost immediately, how the revitalizing serum soothed his irritated scalp.

“It’s all natural. It smells great; it feels great,” “My wife loves the smell” Josh remarked. “My hair feels thicker, stronger and healthier. The Dr. UGro Gashee hair product definitely has brought some life back into my hair that wasn’t there before. I’m going to stick with it.”

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