Meet Carla from Los Angeles.
Rapunzel Hair Saga: Carla and Jodie go all out for Gashee : Once upon a time, in the City of Angels, while sitting underneath the hair dryer at a local salon, Carla and Jodie became instant friends. Practically eight years later, the dynamic duo spent endless hours styling each other’s hair.  They loved their hair
Methionine May Influence Genetic Expression to Improve Hair Growth Capacity
Your hair and hair follicles are made of proteins made of building blocks called amino acids. So when you optimize your intake of amino acids, your body can have enough resources it needs to create proteins. Methionine is one example of an amino acid that plays an extremely important role in your physiology and the
Soy food products are not just a trendy fad. Some research suggests that they may help prevent alopecia
Soy food products are immensely popular among health enthusiasts and those who have adopted plant based diets. But they are more than just a trendy fad. Researchers are finding that soybean protein and fatty acids from soy-oil can promote a wide range of health benefits including hair loss reversal. If you feel inspired to introduce
The bamboo plant is an abundant source of organic silica, offering a wide range of benefits for healthier hair and a healthy body
Bamboo is considered to be the fastest growing plant in the world. Another remarkable fact to know is that it also contains higher levels of organic silica, beyond any other known source. Researchers believe that this mineral  plays a key role in supporting the bamboo plant’s resilience to  many types of stressors, a possible reason
Does MSM help with hair growth
Methylsulfomethane ( MSM ), also known as dimethyl sulfone, methyl sulfone and DMSO2, is a colorless, crystalline substance which is an organic source of biologically active sulfur which can exert a direct physiological effect in the body. Often touted as the “miracle supplement,” it is recommended for inflammatory conditions such as arthritis,along with other health
Niacin for healthier hair
Niacin is a water-soluble B vitamin (B3) and an essential human nutrient which must be obtained from diet sources since it cannot be synthesized by the body. It’s primary role is to turn food into energy needed by our cells. Within the body, vitamin B3 can combine with nicotinic acid. The end product is niacinamide,
green tea for hair health
Green Tea For Hair Health: How The Ancient Chinese Unlocked The Secret Science of Green Tea: Many are beginning to consider the benefits of green tea for hair health. The ancient Chinese first used green tea for medicinal purposes in Southwest China. As far back as 1100BC and 200BC, the society recommended drinking tea to
hair sunblock
Red Ochre as a Skin and Hair Sunblock an Old Himba Discovery: Circa 1800s, when the colonialists began “exploring” the harsh Namib desert, they were shocked to discover that there are people who call it home. Coming across the Himba residents of the area, they considered the red skin coating of their skin a primitive
diy hair mask
You’ve heard of DIY face masks, but the DIY hair mask can be an equally powerful tool when it comes to healthy hair maintenance. In this article we’ll explore 12 all-natural ingredients you can probably find in your kitchen right now that can be used to create an effective DIY hair mask.  1. Tea Tea
natural aromas of Gashee
When it’s time to break into your first Dr. UGro™ Gashee products, you can expect your nostrils to do a double-take from the natural scents. Ingredients plucked straight from nature make for a crimson-colored concoction with a scent you might not expect from something you put on your hair. And first and foremost, Gashee products
hair care tips for black women
Hair care tips for black women: The hair in black women has a tendency to break, is excessively sensitive to dryness and very difficult to tame. Black hair’s curly structure makes it more prone to damage than the hair of other ethnic group. It’s important to maintain a healthy diet and consistent cleaning regimen in
Hope for Natural Beauty Products
n The concept of using beauty products sourced from nature is alluring to many women.  Intuitively, there’s something that just feels right and satisfying about choosing natural over unnatural products. Statistics and market forecasts illustrate an immense growth in the demand for beauty products considered natural, green and organic.  According to Future Market Insights, the
From Nature to Beauty Product- What is Considered Natural
More people than ever before, particular millenials, seem to prefer beauty products that are considered natural. The interest can generally be defined as having minimal to virtually no synthetic chemicals, with plant botanicals as the main ingredient. Likewise, today’s consumers are also attracted to label terms such as green, organic and sustainable.  Here is a
In the beauty world, it seems that rice bran is growing in popularity, either as an oil or product ingredient. Like many plant based extracts being talked about and marketed to consumers, rice bran is being attributed to a wide range of health benefits, including healthier looking tresses. While we should always be aware that


Niacin, also known as Vitamin B3, is a vitamin that plays a big role in healthy hair growth.  One of the benefits of Niacin is that it helps to maintain the structure of the blood cells and improves blood circulation, which in turn brings more blood to the scalp.  The blood carries oxygen and nutrients
The connection between riboflavin and hair loss is due to many mechanisms in the body.
Riboflavin, also known as Vitamin B2 is a yellow colored water soluble, heat stable vitamin found naturally in plants, grains, and dairy products. The body naturally stores it in small amounts. For the most part, vitamin B2 needs to be consumed constantly. This is because it is used rapidly, and excess levels are excreted. Its
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