VIDEO: Hyaluronic Acid for Hair Health and Growth: Benefits and Studies

Published on December 6, 2021. Last Updated on December 10, 2021.

What Is Hyaluronic Acid: If you are interested or involved at all within the world of health, beauty, or skincare, you may have heard of hyaluronic acid. Hyaluronic acid has quickly become a staple active ingredient in hair and skin care products of all kinds. But exactly what is hyaluronic acid? This popular ingredient is actually a sugar that naturally occurs in the skin and scalp, that works to keep the skin and scalp hydrated and nourished. The natural levels of hyaluronic acid found in our skin and scalp decrease as we age, and having a good supply of hyaluronic acid within the body, either through topical or oral means, can be a great way to help the skin and hair stay healthy throughout the ages. This makes hyaluronic acid a top ingredient in anti-aging and anti-wrinkle products. Hyaluronic acid has been made into all kinds of serums, creams, and supplements. It also occurs naturally in certain food groups that help the body produce more hyaluronic acid on its own. Is hyaluronic acid good for hair? Continue below to learn more about the health benefits of hyaluronic acid for hair, hyaluronic acid serum for hair, as well as hyaluronic acid benefits for hair, and more.

Health Benefits of Hyaluronic Acid

As stated by Healthline, hyaluronic acid is an essential compound that is found in many aspects throughout the body. Hyaluronic acid is particularly important for skin, eyes, and joint health.

Some of the reported health and beauty benefits of hyaluronic acid throughout the body include:

  1. Reduce the appearance of wrinkles
  2. Help improve skin hydration
  3. Help improve skin texture
  4. Help improve skin elasticity
  5. Help improve skin glow

Additionally, hyaluronic acid also supports wound healing and treatment for dry eyes, acid reflux, and osteoarthritis.

Although the body can produce its own hyaluronic acid, it is still important to receive enough hyaluronic acid intake from diet or oral supplements.

In particular, having enough hyaluronic acid within the body’s system is also essential for optimizing hair health and hair growth.

Hyaluronic Acid Benefits for Hair Health & Hair Growth

Bone broth is a great source of hyaluronic acid, which can possibly help hair growth and hair health.
Bone broth is a great source of hyaluronic acid, which can possibly help hair growth and hair health besides adding great health and beauty benefits to the skin as well.

Hyaluronic acid is a powerful humectant, which means that it helps retain moisture.

In fact, hyaluronic acid is known to be able to absorb 1000x its weight in water. Thus, hyaluronic acid can be added to the hair to help provide a smooth and less frizzy appearance for hair.

Due to this core quality hyaluronic acid is a great solution to dry or frizzy hair or other related hair problems that may happen due to a lack of hair moisture.

This is why hyaluronic acid is very well-known for its moisturizing abilities, and although it is mainly known for its moisturizing and nourishing properties for the skin and hair, hyaluronic acid is also great for the hair and scalp region when used as a topical application or if consumed orally as part of a diet or a natural hair supplement.

As previously mentioned, hyaluronic acid’s natural function within the body is to help keep the body’s tissue hydrated and nourished. When applied topically on the hair or scalp, or taken as part of an oral supplement or diet high in hyaluronic acid, these benefits can help optimize blood and nutrient flow to the scalp and hair as well to help promote healthier hair follicles and happier hair. Some of the golden beauty benefits of hyaluronic acid for hair health include:

  1. Improves hair moisturization levels
  2. Reinforces hair structure
  3. Reduce hair frizziness
  4. Improves hair appearance
  5. Increase resistance to hair falling
  6. Increase resistance to hair breakage
  7. Increase hair growth
  8. Reduce inflammation
  9. Complement other beauty-enhancing skin and hair products, supplements

Many of the health and beauty benefits of hyaluronic acid on hair health stem from its moisturization capabilities, as well as its ability to help reduce inflammation.

In addition, applying hyaluronic acid on the hair helps reduce frizziness by sealing the hair cuticle, which prevents unwanted moisture from causing frizzy hair and shrinkage.

Last but not least, hyaluronic acid is also known for its ability to stimulate the creation of new blood vessels on the scalp, to allow oxygen and nutrients to reach the hair follicles. Essentially, hyaluronic acid helps the hair follicles breathe with oxygen and receive the vital nutrients it needs to properly grow new hair strands.

Who Can Use Hyaluronic Acid for Hair?

Everyone, regardless of their hair type, can use hyaluronic acid to help improve their skin and hair health.

If you have dry, frizzy hair, hyaluronic acid is exactly what you need to help improve your hair moisture and hair health conditions.

On the other hand, if you have luscious, silky hair, adding hyaluronic acid to your skin and hair health beauty routine or regimen may help protect your hair from damage that can occur due to humidity, aging, and more, to help you keep your locks luscious throughout the years.

How Hyaluronic Acid Prevents Hair Aging

The naturally occurring hyaluronic acid in our hair depletes steadily as we get older, which is why older adults often seem to have dryer, coarser hair. Utilizing hair serums, scalp creams, masks, or oral supplements that contain the active ingredient hyaluronic acid is an excellent way to rejuvenate and hydrate your hair to help it achieve optimum hair growth and hair health. The moisture it provides can also help increase elasticity in hair, creating a softer, healthier feel and visual appearance.

Hyaluronic Acid Infused Dr.UGRO GASHEE - Natural Hair Products for Hair HealthDr. UGro Gashee Shop Now Button.

How To Use Hyaluronic Acid for Hair Health

To help improve your hair health, hyaluronic acid is available for consumption and use by the human body in three different ways:

  1. Topical Application
  2. Oral Application
  3. Natural Diet

To get the most moisturizing effects of hyaluronic acid, hyaluronic acid can be applied on the hair and scalp region through topical application.

To get the most whole-body health and beauty benefits of hyaluronic acid, such as moisturization, and added suppleness, hyaluronic acid can be ingested from hyaluronic-acid-rich foods, or from hyaluronic acid-infused oral supplements.

How to Apply Hyaluronic Acid Topically on Hair

When applying hyaluronic acid on the hair to combat dry hair, or to help moisturize it, it can help to not only swipe the hyaluronic acid on the hair but to also massage it into the scalp and comb it through the hair to help maximize the hyaluronic acid’s benefits of protection and moisturization for your hair.

In addition, it is important to note that it is best to apply hyaluronic acid to your hair when it is wet – as opposed to applying hyaluronic acid on your hair when it is dry.

Hyaluronic Acid Supplements: Natural Hair Supplements Infused with Hyaluronic Acid

On the other hand, hyaluronic acid can also be consumed directly via oral ingestion. There are hyaluronic-acid infused oral supplements for hair health that can be utilized to help the body maximize its hyaluronic acid content and health, beauty, and hair benefits.

Difference Between Topical Hyaluronic Acid & Hyaluronic Acid Supplements

While applying hyaluronic acid directly on the hair as a topical is more effective in terms of hair-moisturization and hair protection, taking hyaluronic acid from within the body also offers holistic health and beauty benefits.

If ingested by the body in the form of oral supplements or through a natural diet, almost all of hyaluronic acid’s anti-aging and beauty benefits can then be distributed evenly all throughout the body.

This means that hyaluronic acid’s moisturization qualities will then distribute all over the body to help moisturize the skin, giving it an extra glow, while also helping the hair reach its optimal shine, smoothness, and moisturization.

In addition, the anti-inflammatory effects of hyaluronic acid may also be optimized through its consumption.

There are many hyaluronic acid-based oral supplements available, but it is important to note that Dr.UGro Gashee Natural Oral Hair Supplements for hair health combine naturally sourced hyaluronic acid in addition with other hair-health and beauty-enhancing ingredients to help maximize these health and beauty benefits for the hair.

In addition to oral hair supplements infused with hyaluronic acid, there are also natural foods that are high in hyaluronic acid that can be utilized as well within the diet to help the body maintain high levels of hyaluronic acid for healthy hair, healthy skin, and more.

Foods High in Hyaluronic Acid

Hyaluronic acid intake can be provided from a diet of foods high in hyaluronic acid. Some of these foods include:

  1. Bone Broth
  2. Oranges
  3. Tofu
  4. Kale
  5. Almonds
  6. Edamame
  7. Sweet Potatoes

Adding these foods, such as bone broth, kale, oranges, and more, can be a great addition to your hair health as well as these foods are super-packed with nutritious vitamins, minerals, and other components that help the body in terms of health and beauty. In fact, some of these foods, such as oranges, are filled with vitamin C that may help boost the growth of collagen, which can be great for the skin and hair, as well as hyaluronic acid.

If you cannot find the time or way to include these foods high in hyaluronic acid, rest assured that hyaluronic acid can also be supplemented through oral supplements, such as Dr.UGro GASHEE Oral Hair Supplements for hair health.

Harness the Hyaluronic Acid Infused Power of Dr.UGro GASHEE Natural Oral Hair Supplements

Hyaluronic acid is one of the many powerful ingredients found in Dr.UGro Gashee Oral Hair Supplements. To help increase the feel and appearance of hair density, thickness, and volume, or to help regrow hair loss or aid hair growth, take 4 capsules of Gashee Oral Hair Supplements daily.

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GASHEE User Testimonial: Hair Growth in 5 Months

Dealing With Hair Loss: The hair makes a statement wherever we go even before we say a word. Because hair is such an important part of our internal and external identity, hair loss is never an easy thing to deal with, no matter your situation. If you have been or are currently struggling with hair health or hair loss issues, such as a receding hairline, thinning hair, lack of hair color, growing bald patches, or more, rest assured that there is a new and unique natural hair growth product for hair health improvement that may help you find success in hair optimization and hair growth that you may have been looking for.

The GASHEE Difference: Although there are many reported “hair growth” products out there in the market, whether prescribed or over the counter, you may be aware that many of these products often do not deliver the significant hair growth or improved hair health results that you are looking for.

Yet, rest assured that there is now a new, natural hair growth product solution that has been specially formulated for maximum natural hair health and hair growth – without the unwanted side effects commonly found from chemical-based hair growth medication. Continue below to see a happy GASHEE Hair Care Products user, as well as her before and after picture hair growth results after using GASHEE Hair Products.

5-Month Natural Hair Growth Transformation: In this triumphant case of hair growth and hair recovery, this woman was able to fight off several symptoms of hair loss using Dr.UGro GASHEE Natural Hair Care Products:

  1. Thinning Hair
  2. Falling Hair
  3. Lack of Hair Volume

As recommended by Dr.U, AKA Dr.UGro of GASHEE, this woman was able to make significant recovery and progress for her hair health using only Dr.UGro GASHEE Natural Botanical Topical Lotion and GASHEE Natural Oral Hair Supplements.

For a detailed view of her hair growth results, find her before and after hair growth transformation results below:

PICTURES: Dr. UGro GASHEE Natural Hair Topical Before & After Results

Below you can find the before and after results of this particular Dr.UGro GASHEE User – results after 3 months of using the GASHEE Botanical Topical Lotion and GASHEE Natural Oral Supplements for Hair on her scalp daily. Notice the improvements in her hair color, hair volume, hair thickness, and hair density.

Dr. UGro Gashee Hair Growth Products: Natural Botanical Hair Lotion. Powered by Natural Ingredients. Before and After Picture Results after 17 weeks of product use..
Dr. UGro Gashee Hair Growth Products: Natural Botanical Hair Lotion and Natural Oral Hair Supplement. Powered by Natural Ingredients. Before and After Picture Results after 3 months of product use.

After the 3 months of before and after pictures, this woman was able to return to Dr.U’s office for another set of before and after pictures – now detailing her hair recovery and hair restoration, hair growth, after 5 months of using only the GASHEE Natural Topical Lotion and Oral Hair Supplements. See her full 5-month hair transformation results below:

Dr.UGro Gashee Natural Topical Lotion Before and After Hair Growth Results - after 23 weeks of daily use. Note the improved hair health, hair density, and hair volume and length.
Dr.UGro Gashee Natural Topical Lotion and Natural Hair Supplements Before and After Hair Growth Results – after 5 months of daily use. Note the improved hair health, hair density, and hair volume and length.
Dr.UGro Gashee Natural Topical Lotion Before and After Hair Growth Results - after 23 weeks of daily use. Note the improved hair health, hair density, and hair volume and length.
Dr.UGro Gashee Natural Topical Lotion and Natural Oral Hair Supplements Before and After Hair Growth Results – after 5 months of daily use. Note the improved hair health, hair density, and hair volume and length.

In her own words, this now satisfied and ecstatic GASHEE user states that:

“Dr. Umar has been able to save my hair with his product.”

“My hair has been able to regrow stronger than it was before after I saw him [and used the GASHEE products].”

“….and I can’t be happier!”

“My hair has grown back to normal.”

Imagine what it would feel like to have your hair returned to normal, the way you loved it before. The natural confidence and radiance to shine.

Our hair makes a statement. Often, it’s the first impression others receive of us. This is why hair can be a critical part of our self-identity and our happiness.

In her own words, this now happy and satisfied GASHEE user reports that:

“I would recommend Dr. Umar’s Product because it does work.”

“GASHEE Products help strengthen your hair as well as help regrow your hair.”

Rest assured that no matter what hair growth or hair health products you have previously tried and have been unsatisfied with, there is a new and natural GASHEE hair solution that may help where none could have before.

VIDEO: Dr. UGro Gashee Topical Lotion & Oral Supplements Before & After Pictures Hair Health Improvement Results

For more testimonial evidence of the natural power of Dr.UGro GASHEE Products, you can find a before and after video result of this woman’s personal journey towards better hair using GASHEE Natural Hair Health Oral Supplements and GASHEE Natural Hair Lotion Topical.


Dr.UGRO GASHEE Natural Hair Health Improvement Results – Easy to Use

Dr.UGRO’s GASHEE Natural Hair Products are easy to use.

For the GASHEE Natural Oral Hair Supplements she took, she only had to take 4 capsules every day.

For the GASHEE Natural Hair Lotion Topical she took, she only had to apply it to her hair once to twice daily depending on the desired effect.

The Difference Between Night & Day: Natural vs. Non-Natural Means

As opposed to over-the-counter hair growth medicines that do not always work and may come with unwanted side effects, Dr.UGro GASHEE products, such as the Topical Lotion and Oral Hair Supplements that this woman had used, is a healthy way to help the hair heal, naturally, that often comes without the many side effects associated with pharmaceutical-grade hair loss or alopecia medications.

One such example can be found with the popular hair growth medication, Minoxidil. Minoxidil is a pharmaceutical and chemical-based drug that is often prescribed by healthcare professionals to help treat hair loss. Unfortunately, Minoxidil usage can come with these possible side effects:

  1. Itching
  2. Skin Rashing
  3. Acne
  4. Inflammation

As stated by MayoClinic, there are possibly more unwanted side effects of Minoxidil recorded.

For a full list, visit MayoClinic’s side effects of Minoxidil information page here.

GASHEE Natural Hair Health Solution vs. Chemical Based Hair Growth Products

Due to the natural and cold extracted ingredients found in Dr.UGro GASHEE Hair Care Products, there have been very little to none reported side effects.

In fact, Dr.UGro GASHEE Topical Lotion has been medically reviewed by peers and Dr. Umar himself regarding its effectiveness in inducing hair growth for patients subject to alopecia, compared with popular pharmaceutical drugs for hair loss such as Minoxidil.

In the study shown below, compared to topical Minoxidil, Dr.UGro GASHEE Hair Growth products offer the same or higher rate of hair growth, in terms of length, density, and total thickness, without many of the general side effects that one can expect from chemical-based hair growth products such as Minoxidil, Rogaine, or Finasteride.

Below you can find a published peer-review medical study on Dr.UGro GASHEE Topical Lotion and how it successfully compares in terms of hair growth effectiveness with topical Minoxidil.

Dr. Sanusi Umar Peer Review Study: Hair Growth Effects of GASHEE Topical Lotion

Dr.UGro Gashee’s Natural Topical Lotion for hair health has been studied and reviewed successfully for its beneficial hair growth effects compared to topical over-the-counter alternatives such as Minoxidil.

In 2021, this hair growth study was published in Hindawi Medical Journal. In the study, Dr.UGro’s Gashee Topical Lotion had reportedly helped subjects grow hair at an equal or greater rate in terms of length, volume, density, and thickness compared to Minoxidil, a pharmaceutical-grade hair growth drug, albeit without the many unwanted side effects that may possibly appear with Minoxidil.

Due to Dr.UGro Gashee Topical Lotion’s natural botanical ingredients and properties, subjects reported far fewer side effects than Minoxidil. For more information regarding the statistical facts and evidence of Dr.UGro Gashee Topical Lotion, continue to the link here.

Improve Your Natural Hair Health Now with GASHEE!

If you would like to experience the relief and satisfaction of having your best hair day again through natural and non-surgical means, be sure to try Dr.UGro GASHEE Products with the shop now button below to see how nature and modern science can help you shine again.

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