Why does Dr.UGro GasheeⓇ offer TOPICAL and ORAL products? How can I know which is right for me?

By offering both TOPICAL and ORAL products within our line, we can then meet a much wider range of individual needs. Some ingredients from our overall selection work best by taking a more direct TOPICAL route to the hair follicle. Other ingredients are optimally delivered to the hair follicles from within via ORAL intake.

Secondly, we also offer TOPICALS and ORALs as options for different personal preferences. Some people may prefer TOPICAL applications over having to orally take supplements and vice versa. Or they may be interested in the additional hair styling and conditioning properties of the TOPICALS. On the other hand, others may prefer the ORALs because they want to address the greater health of their entire body, in addition to their hair.


If you are looking to make the right decision, for yourself, you must gain clarity on what your goals are. You can always start with one ORAL or TOPICAL product of your choice and add another item (representing a different route of delivery) for a more complete and comprehensive hair treatment regimen.

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