How is the Dr.UGro GasheeⓇ ORAL product different from other dietary hair supplements you can buy?

The Dr.UGro GasheeⓇ ORAL doesn’t just focus on a single active ingredient to improve the hair. For example, many people associate biotin as an important vitamin for the hair. And with this being a single ingredient, it is easy to package it in a popular appealing gummy which is easy to manufacture. But there are many factors and pathways that can undermine the health of your follicles. This, of course, means it is important to have a well-formulated combination of ingredients, not just a few. And yes there are countless multi-vitamin supplements out there. Our ORAL product is different because it uses research backed ingredients, each carefully selected for their ability to address specific biochemical pathways that contribute to hair follicle miniaturization and other problems like inflammation and oxidative damage.

Furthermore, we also use holistic plant extracts instead of chemical isolates which naturally offer a more complete range of molecular variations to closely meet the needs of your physiology. Your body knows when it needs specific compounds or variants. And it will “turn-on” the receptors in your digestive tract which are designed to receive them. Having multiple types of a compound is far more beneficial than just a single specific, (or manufactured) molecule.




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