Pumpkin Seed Oil For Hair Growth: Research & Findings

Published on February 5, 2018. Last Updated on October 20, 2021.

What is Pumpkin Seed Oil: Pumpkin belongs to a winter squash class, round, ribbed, with a typically yellowish shell to deep orange in its ripe form. The seeds of the pumpkin are contained in its pulp. Pumpkin seed oil is produced by roasting the seeds and then pressing them to extract the oil.

Health Benefits of Pumpkin Seed Oil

Aside from culinary uses, the oil is recognized for many health benefits, including diabetes, anxiety, and cancer. Even the World Health Organization recommends pumpkin seeds as a rich, viable source of zinc.  More so, pumpkin seed oil has potent antioxidant properties and abundant vitamins, minerals, and fatty acids.

Is it possible that pumpkin seed oil for hair can produce tangible benefits? Here is what scientists are finding.

Pumpkin Seed Oil for Hair: Research Findings

Pumpkin seed oil for hair loss may work as a natural DHT inhibitor
Pumpkin seed oil may work as a natural DHT inhibitor.

At Busan National University in South Korea, a group of researchers studied pumpkin seed oil in men with male pattern baldness [1]. One of their experiment’s general goals was to see if pumpkin oil could provide a safer and more natural alternative to synthetic drugs for hair loss.

Seventy-six male participants, ages 18-65, with moderate degrees of hair loss, participated in this research. They were diagnosed with levels Norwood 2-5.  The subjects were asked to stop taking any drugs or supplements for treating their baldness for three months.

The researchers divided the participants into two groups. One group was given a placebo containing sweet potato starch. Members of the other group were given oral gel capsules containing 400mg of pumpkin seed oil. They were instructed to take two capsules in the morning and two in the evening before their meals.

Does Pumpkin Seed Oil for the Hair Work?

The researchers followed up with the subjects at three months and again at six months to see if hair growth resulted from the pumpkin seed oil treatment protocol. They used three methods of assessing improvements.

1. Photo evaluations by researchers

Researchers were shown before and after photos of each subject in a blind practitioner analysis and asked to rate the hair loss condition on a scale of -3 to +3. -3 represented a significantly decreased hair loss change. +3 represented a greatly increased hair loss change They were not given information on whether the participant had taken the placebo or the pumpkin seed oil.

2. Measuring the span of the bald regions

The researchers used photolithography technology, which takes photos of the bald areas and provides measurements from the central. This method helps to quantify the areas of hair loss objectively.

3. Visual self-evaluations  by the participants

The participants themselves were asked to rate their hair growth using the visual analog scale (VAS).

Pumpkin Seed Oil Hair Growth Results

The pumpkin seed oil hair growth results of the South Korean study has many hair loss sufferers hopeful for a more natural treatment alternative to synthetic drugs
The South Korean study’s pumpkin seed oil hair growth results have many hair loss sufferers hopeful for a more natural treatment alternative to synthetic drugs.

Based on the three methods of assessing hair growth changes, the researchers at Busan found that treatment with pumpkin seed oil significantly outperformed the placebo.

The scientists noted the following percentages in the subjects who took the pumpkin seed oil capsules:

  • 44% displayed moderate or slight improvements in hair growth
  • 51% did not show signs of any changes
  • 2.7% had more hair loss than before

The placebo group produced these results:

  • Only 7.7% experienced moderate or slight improvements, compared to the 44% percent in the group who took the pumpkin seed oil
  • 64% did not show any changes
  • 28% displayed more hair loss, compared to before the treatment

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2021 Pumpkin Seed Oil Study on Female Pattern Hair Loss

The Journal of Cosmetic Dermatology published a study that compared the effects of pumpkin seed oil (PSO) versus 5% Minoxidil foam on patients suffering from female pattern hair loss [2]. In a three-month trial, 30 women were treated with pumpkin seed oil. The other 30 were treated with Minoxidil.

Researchers performed clinical and dermoscopic evaluations at 1.5 months and the 3-month point. They observed the following parameters in both groups:

  • hair shaft diversity
  • vellus hairs
  • upright regrowing hairs

The data they collected and their analysis concluded that pumpkin seed oil might offer promise in treating female pattern hair loss.

How Does Pumpkin Seed Oil Help With Hair Issues?


Scientists work to answer the question, will pumpkin seed oil help hair regrow
Scientists work to answer the question, will pumpkin seed oil help hair regrow

Pumpkin seed oil contains high concentrations of phytosterol beta-sitosterol. This compound can block the 5-alpha-reductase enzyme, preventing testosterone from breaking down into a byproduct called DHT.

Because of their genetics, men with androgenic alopecia are born with hair follicles with sensitive DHT protein receptors. The binding of DHT to these structures will prompt a chain reaction that causes the follicles to miniaturize.

Additional Findings: 2019 Research on Pumpkin Seed Oil for Alopecia

More so, in 2019, researchers conducted a study on male swiss mice [3].

Topical application of pumpkin seed oil was applied on select mice for six days a week, for 3 weeks total.

After 3 weeks of treatment, researchers found significant hair growth in mice given pumpkin seed oil – in some cases, these mice showed more growth than the other group given minoxidil.

Therefore, the researchers concluded that pumpkin seed oil showed promising results as a hair-growth-promoting ingredient and can be used as a natural and effective treatment alternative to synthetic remedies to alopecia such as minoxidil.

Pumpkin Seed Oil And Other Beneficial Ingredients For Your Hair – Dr.UGro Gashee

If you are interested in benefitting from pumpkin seed oil for your hair and scalp, don’t turn to the cooking oil aisle at your local supermarket. Food-grade oil is rather heavy and will leave a greasy residue. Also, these versions of pumpkin seed oil are not sufficient for helping you see a real difference in the quality of your hair.

Instead, it is far better to use this ingredient in the form of a well-formulated combination of natural botanicals backed by research studies. So, where do you find this type of product? Look no further than Dr.UGro Gashee.

Get a product that is truly formulated to serve the intricate needs of your hair follicles. Dr.UGro GASHEE’s oral supplement is made with an astute combination of cold-processed plant-based ingredients. All of them work together to help our pumpkin seed extract do its absolute best for your hair follicles.

Dr.UGro GASHEE with pumpkin seed extract is available in our oral supplement.
Dr.UGro GASHEE with pumpkin seed extract is available in our oral supplement.

Are There Side Effects?

Pumpkin seed oil is generally considered to be safe and edible. Side effects are unknown at this time.

Safety of Pumpkin Seed Oil

The Environmental Working Group (EWG), which is dedicated to bringing public awareness towards toxic chemicals and substances, assigned a (green) rating of 1 for Pumpkin Seed Oil. This score represents the highest safety, lowest toxic tier on their safety rating scales.

The EWG also designated a green (highest safety) rating for pumpkin seed oil concerning the following categories:

  • Cancer
  • Developmental and Reproductive Toxicity
  • Allergies and Immunotoxicity

Also, according to the organization, pumpkin seed oil is not regarded as an environmental toxin. Additionally, it is not considered to be potentially toxic or harmful for (nono-reproductive) organs.

Other Uses

Besides its possible use on the scalp for addressing hair loss conditions, Pumpkin seed oil may also be helpful for the following applications

  • bladder irritation
  • kidney infections
  • benign prostatic hyperplasia (BPH)
  • intestinal worms

Pumpkin seed oil may also be used in cooking and recipes as a salad dressing, additive in soups, and even an ice-cream sauce alternative, a favorite in Australia.


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Before & After Picture Results: 9 Months of Gashee Oral Capsules

Below is a before and after picture of Jennifer’s results after 9 months of using Gashee natural hair supplement oral capsules.

Jennifer before and after results using GASHEE all-natural hair growth products.

We Are Published! A Multi-Modal Hair Loss Treatment Strategy

Dr.UGro GASHEE’s hair lotion has been published in a medical journal, Case Studies in Dermatological Medicine. Our report, entitled “A Multi-Modal Hair Loss Treatment Strategy, details the experiences of five individuals who benefitted from our hair lotion [4]. Four of them had previously used Minoxidil, only to experience failed results. Our uniquely designed plant-based formulation attacks multiple targets that contribute to unhealthy hair follicles, not just one specific mechanism.  The ingredients we selected work in concert with one another to create noticeable and life-changing improvements.

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Frequently Asked Questions – The Use of Pumpkin Seed Oil for Healthier Hair

Can pumpkin seed oil treat baldness?

A possible role for Pumpkin seed oil in hair loss has received some support based on the findings of the Busan University study. However, further research is needed before it can be regarded as an official treatment for baldness. It should be noted that the participants of the pumpkin oil study were diagnosed as Norwood 2 stages up to Norwood 5. Usually, earlier hair loss levels have a more significant potential for experiencing improvements. This is because the follicles have not been completely miniaturized. And it may be possible to restore their hair growth processes.

Additional research is needed to see if pumpkin seed oil may be more effective for milder forms of hair loss than mid-stage cases.

If I wonder how to use pumpkin seed oil, should I consider applying it to my scalp or taking it in capsule form?

If you are interested in taking pumpkin seed oil, you should do so with the intent of improving your general health. Although the Busan study notes positive findings, pumpkin seed oil has yet to be officially considered a bona fide treatment for hair loss.

Applying pumpkin seed oil directly to the scalp is not likely to produce any significant improvements in your hair loss condition without using an enhancer to improve skin penetration. It would be essential to formulate the right balance, which would not be feasible through simple DIY approaches.

Further Reading


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