GASHEE Hair Stories: Holistic Hair Health Improvements – Eyebrows & Lashes Too!

Published on December 2, 2021. Last Updated on August 11, 2022.

Holistic Hair Health Improvement Results: Hair loss can come in many different ways. If you are struggling with hair health issues, such as hair loss, a receding hairline, growing bald patches on your scalp, hair breakage, falling hair, or more, you may be able to relate to this woman’s powerful natural hair health improvement journey.

Continue below to see her remarkable hair-transformation results using Dr.UGro GASHEE Natural Hair Products and the holistic hair health improvement she attained for her hair, lashes, and eyebrows.

Article Update August 2022: What are some of the most common reasons for women’s hair loss?

Some of the most commons reasons why women lose hair include [1]:

  1. Excess hair styling
  2. Thyroid imbalance
  3. Low iron
  4. Low vitamin D
  5. Medication
  6. Significant weight loss
  7. Hormone changes after pregnancy or during menopause
  8. A traumatic event such as illness, surgery, or death within the family
  9. Stress

It is known that certain medications such as birth control, blood pressure medication, steroids, and antidepressants can all lead to temporary hair loss. These hair loss causes can be seen in the GASHEE user’s story below. Continue to hear her story, struggles, and triumphant hair results using GASHEE.

Improving Your Natural Hair Health: Like many others who had struggled with hair health and loss, this woman had tried many hair products to no avail.

Like many who shared her struggles, her hair-health journey began with her family history.

She noticed that, like her mother, she had begun to lose more hair than usual after a certain age [1]. As with most people, a decrease in hair health, hair thickness, hair strength, and hair volume eventually happens due to age – and can also be accelerated due to family genetics and environmental factors.

Hair Loss Due to A Combination of Family Genetics & Working in The Kitchen

Working in the kitchen, she had to constantly wrap her hair in a bun to cover her hair due to kitchen protocols. She believed that this pressure and strain on her hair may have helped contribute to the hair loss and thinning that she was experiencing. The condition worsened as she spent more and more hours in the kitchen.

She began to notice her hairline slowly recede, coupled with more hair health problems:

  1. Hair thinning
  2. Hair fall

Fortunately, this woman’s mother was already using Dr.UGRO GASHEE Natural Hair Health Products, with significant improvements and results. Following her mother’s recommendations, she began taking Dr. UGRO’s GASHEE Natural Oral Hair Supplements and Natural Hair Lotion Topical. See her excellent results below.

Dr. UGro GASHEE Natural Oral Hair Supplements & Natural Hair Lotion Topical Before & After Results

Before & After 11-Month Hair Health Results using Dr.UGRO GASHEE Natural Hair Lotion Topical & GASHEE Natural Oral Hair Supplements, note her improved hair health and quality.*
Before & After 11-Month Hair Health Results using Dr.UGRO GASHEE Natural Hair Lotion Topical & GASHEE Natural Oral Hair Supplements, note her improved hair health and quality.*
Before & After 11-Month Hair Health Results using Dr.UGRO GASHEE Natural Hair Lotion Topical & GASHEE Natural Oral Hair Supplements. She had reported that after using the GASHEE Natural Oral Hair Supplement had also helped her improve her eyelash health and length, as well as her eyebrows hair health.*
Before & After 11-Month Hair Health Results using Dr.UGRO GASHEE Natural Hair Lotion Topical & GASHEE Natural Oral Hair Supplements, she reported using the GASHEE Natural Oral Hair Supplement had also helped her improve her eyelash health and length, as well as her eyebrows, hair health.*


Using a combination of folic acid, keratin, B vitamins, and other hair and collagen-boosting natural ingredients formulation found in Dr.UGro GASHEE products, this woman dramatically improved her hair health, resulting in improved hair thickness and hair fullness within several months.

She had to apply the GASHEE Natural Hair Topical Lotion twice daily on her scalp and take the GASHEE Natural Oral Hair Supplements.

Holistic Hair Health: Even Her Eyelashes & Eyebrows Improved!

Somewhere in the middle of her hair health improvements, she had also noticed improvements in her lashes and eyebrows.

Previously, she and many of her friends had used eyelash extensions. Now, she no longer has to because her eyelashes have filled and lengthened naturally and dramatically due to the holistic, whole body hair health properties of GASHEE Natural Oral Hair Supplements. The eyelash and eyebrow health improvement results can be seen in the picture above.

She reported so much eyelash and eyebrow growth that she now has to pluck her eyebrows and lashes a little more!

And as for her hair, she was thrilled – she reports how her hairline has filled with thicker hair and fuller hair.

“It’s truly amazing what a difference in hair health can do to your confidence!”

VIDEO: GASHEE Holistic Hair Health Improvement Before & After Results

Below you can see a before and after video of her journey towards better hair health using GASHEE.



Dr. Sanusi Umar Peer Review Study: Hair Growth Effects of GASHEE Topical Lotion

Dr.UGro Gashee’s Natural Topical Lotion has been studied and reviewed for its beneficial hair health improvement effects compared to popular over-the-counter topical hair loss medication such as Minoxidil [2].

In 2021, this GASHEE Natural Hair Lotion Study was published in Hindawi Medical Journal. The study includes 5 subjects, 4 women and 1 man, with various hair loss conditions such as androgenetic alopecia.

4 out of 5 of these subjects previously used topical Minoxidil (Rogaine) for at least a year with little to no effects in terms of hair health and hair growth. All patients in the study used the GASHEE Topical Natural Hair Lotion as the only treatment for at least 3 months before documenting results.

The study reports that “all patients” had “significant improvement in hair regrowth” in several critical areas after 3- 15 months of treatment:

  1. Nape hair
  2. Crown hair
  3. Vertex hair
  4. Temple’s hair

The study reports that “all patients were delighted with their results” and reported no side effects [2].

Does “Natural Product” Equate to No Side Effects?

This is a common misconception. Although most people would have no side effects when using natural products made from whole ingredients, many people have allergies or reactions to certain plants. Due to GASHEE’s vast and comprehensive botanical ingredients, certain people may react to any of the plants found in GASHEE Natural Hair Health Products. Yet, suppose you do not have an allergy or reaction to GASHEE and its ingredients. In that case, one advantage of using GASHEE Natural Hair Products is that its natural ingredients can be applied and used continuously for the long term with a reduced and safer side effect profile compared to popular pharmaceutical-based drugs.

This is a significant point to consider when choosing a natural hair product over a pharmaceutical-drug-based one.

It is known that topical Minoxidil (Rogaine) is associated with side effects such as:

  1. Burning
  2. Stinging
  3. Redness
  4. Unwanted facial or body hair growth
  5. Dizziness
  6. Fast or irregular heartbeat
  7. Unusual weight gain

Some of these side effects are rarer than others.

The Consequences of Prolonged Use of Pharmaceutical Drug-Based Hair Loss Medication

It is known that continued use of pharmaceutical drugs over time can lead to a higher risk of side effects. This is why Minoxidil is popularly used for many hair loss conditions. Still, it is not the perfect solution – especially for those with chronic hair loss conditions – as this treatment must be sustained over a long period, increasing the risk of potential side effects. WebMD further states that “this is not a complete list of side effects [3].”

Thus, if you have a chronic or long-term hair loss condition, or perhaps are just more comfortable using natural, minimally-processed whole plant ingredients for your hair health, GASHEE Natural Hair Products may offer attractive benefits in terms of improved hair health.

It is always recommended to consult your doctor or dermatologist before adding new supplements or medications.

Invest In Your Hair Health Today for Better Hair Tomorrow

If you would like to experience the relief and satisfaction of having your best hair day again, through natural and non-surgical means, be sure to try Dr.UGro GASHEE Products with the shop now button below to see how nature and modern science can help.

Shop now button Dr. UGro Gashee Oral Natural Hair Supplements.

Other Satisfied GASHEE User Testimonials

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Frequently Asked Questions – Holistic Hair Health

About how many hairs strands makeup head hair?

According to WebMD, “your scalp is home to about 100,000 hairs [4].”

What is used to measure women’s hair loss?

Medical professionals use what is known as a “Savin Scale” to measure the degree of women’s hair loss.

Saving Scale: Female pattern baldness chart*
Saving Scale: Female pattern baldness chart*

Is it common for women to experience complete balding?

Fortunately, unlike men’s pattern hair loss or androgenetic alopecia, which can result in complete balding, women rarely go fully bald.


  1. WebMD. 2021. What Women Can Do About Hair Loss. [online] Available at: <https://www.webmd.com/skin-problems-and-treatments/features/women-pattern-hair-loss> [Accessed 2 December 2021].
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