Frequently Asked Questions

Dr.UGro products contribute to healthier, more optimal scalp environments below the surface of the skin which helps revitalize and rejuvenate the hair follicles. The ingredients of Dr.UGro products have been evaluated in controlled research studies which show their ability to exert a positive effects on the health and functioning of these tiny, living organs.

Dr.UGro products therefore improve hair health from the inside out by way of the following mechanisms:

  1. promoting micro blood circulation to nourish the follicles
  2. protecting these structures from destructive biological compounds that lead to inflammation and miniaturization.

Follicles are able to thrive in healthier surroundings and are better capable of utilizing minerals and other nutrients to function at their very best.

Dr.UGro’s Edge and Roots condition and moisturize the hair shafts by repairing and restoring the outer cuticle layer. This is achieved not just by inclusion of carefully selected plant-based ingredients, but also by creating an ideal synergistic balance among all the components. This balance and the exclusion of destructive heat processing harnesses the full potential of our ingredients to seamlessly work with hair’s current state and make the necessary refinements to truly soften, repair moisturize and bring out a natural, beautiful sheen.

The Edge pomade is best used when the hair is slightly damp, and thus more malleable. Start with a small amount (e.g. half a teaspoon) and massage into the scalp like you would with shampoo. This helps to ensure an even distribution of the product throughout the hair, as opposed to concentrating it in one area. Also massaging the pomade into the base of the scalp benefits your hair at their true roots. Our products use MSM (Methylsulfonylmethane) as a natural penetrating agent so that our ingredients can affect the actual hair follicles.

From this point, you can then decide if you want to build up and add more product.

You would then style your hair with a comb or your fingertips to achieve a polished, groomed look. Pomades in general are recommended for short to medium hair styles.

The Dr.UGro Edge pomade is an excellent choice for defining curls and rendering a pure, genuine natural softness to the hair’s look and feel. Start with a small amount of product and massage it throughout your hair, similar to how you would apply shampoo. This will help evenly distribute the pomade.

Then work on sectioning your hair with a comb and gently separating sections into loose twists to create the definition you want.

If your objective is to combat frizziness and improve the softness and texture of your hair, Dr.UGro’s pomade and lotion are versatile enough to work as a deep moisturizing overnight treatment. It is best to apply the product of your choice to the scalp and brush/comb it through to the hair’s ends. Wash the excess product out in the morning and dry it as usual. You’ll surely notice an amazing difference in how your hair looks and feels.

If your hair washing regimen is only done once or twice a week, the Roots or Edge products can still be applied to the scalp on a daily basis to nourish and help revitalize the follicles.

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