Harnessing the Power of Nature for your Hair Health

Our hair and bodies are made up of elements of the earth. To be whole and in harmony with nature, our tissues intuitively embrace pure, natural compounds to nourish and repair itself. inspired by the ingenuity of our ancestors, Dr.U Gro is a consciously designed, eco-friendly cold-formulation of botanicals that benefits all hair types.

Natural Ingredients and Formulation

Over 95% of Dr.U Gro's ingredients are natural or derived from nature! Cold Processing means that beneficial plant ingrediants are not destroyed by heat. Dr.U Gro proprietary formulas were created and tested by a dermtolagist to combine modern science with the organic intelligence of plant chemistry.

Circa 1200 AD, The Americas:

Native Americans relied on the saw palmetto plant as medicine for many ailments. Scients now realize that saw palmetto opposes 5a-reductase, an enzyme responsible for forming DHT (a cause of male pattern baldness). Saw palmetto is more than a folk remedy, but also a supporter of healthier hair.


Circa. 150 BC Xi'an:

Known for their thick vibrant hair and youthful skins, the Chinese view the ancient art of tea drining as ore than a cultural tradition. Modern science has recently found green tea to be an abundant source of potent antioxidants and inhibitors of the baldness-causing hormone DHT. What took science so long?

Circa. 300 BC, Athens:

The olive tree is sacred to the Greeks as it is central to their history, myth, and culture. Since the beginning of of time, Greeks have integrated olive oil in their health, hair, and beauty regimens. Scientists have found olive oil to contain moisture-rich fatty acids and age-defying antioxidants. Modern science is finally catching up with our ancestors!


Circa. 1500 AD, Namib Desert:

Sun protection is the best prevention of premature aging, dry hair, and breakage. For centuries, the indigenous Himba tribe of the Namib desert have coated their skins and hair with red ochre clay to repel insects, lice, and the desert sun. Only recently, scientists confirmed that the red iron-oxide pigments in ochre are potent sun blockers. The should have simply asked the Himba!

Natural, Botanical Hair Lotion

Natural, Botanical Hair Pomade

  • Nourishes and stimulates all hair types
  • Revitalizes aging grey hair
  • NO: Parabens, Petroleum products
  • NO: Sodium Lauryl sulfate, Phthalates
  • NO: Synthetic Fragrance / Colors
  • No Animal ingredients or testing
  • Recyclable
  • Cruelty-Free & Vegan
  • Dermatologist Formulated
  • Dermatologist Tested

The founder of Dr.U Gro
is Dr. Sanusi Umar

A Los Angeles based, board-certified dermatologist and hair transplant surgeon with an amazing story that culminated in the creation of Dr.U Gro, his own unique hair health and styling product line. Known in the medical community for his breakthrough innovations in hair transplantation, his developments in this area towards more natural looking outcomes have also captured national media attention in the likes of Elle, ABC, NBC News, Good Morning America, the New York Times and the Hollywood Reporter.

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