Cherish Your Roots and Embrace A More Fulfilling View of Life

Published on March 18, 2021. Last Updated on July 20, 2021.

At Dr.UGro Gashee, we believe that the first step in the journey towards creating a quality hair product starts by defining your values as a brand.  The principle that has inspired our entire line is the importance of cherishing your roots.

By caring for the roots of your hair, the follicles themselves, you can enjoy the fruits of having more vibrant and lustrous hair growth. Appreciate the color, texture, look, and feel that was given to you by Nature herself. Whether your hair is fine, straight, curly, wavy, or even Afro-textured, your hair is your crowning glory. It makes you who you are and is beautiful as it is.  People remember you by the way your hair looks. So be proud of your hair’s unique characteristics and embrace it as part of your personal image and identity. 

No matter what part of the world you came from, cherishing your roots will help you love yourself and the rest of humanity
No matter what part of the world you came from, cherishing your roots will help you love yourself and the rest of humanity














Most of us intuitively realize that getting the best out of life often has to do with tending to the original point of all things, which is often intangible below the surface and unseen. We cannot forget to invest our time and energy in the roots of our outer lives, not just the external rewards we hope to attain. 

We at Dr.UGro Gashee believe that everything we have in this world didn’t start with our current generation. All that we know began with those who lived before us, our ancestors. They are the roots of our family tree as well as our family tree. Through this understanding, we can start to feel more whole, from the inside and out, with an expanded view of the world as we learn to appreciate the origins of our very existence.

As a brand dedicated to using all-natural ingredients, we have come to realize that our knowledge about plants first came from our ancestors, not the holistic and natural health industry. Even more so, this vast and well-thought-out knowledge now serves as the foundation for many of the treatments now endorsed by modern science. 

The struggles, trials, tribulations, and victories of our ancestors form the basis for our material existence today. And so, just as we should honor the roots of our heritage, we also owe it to ourselves to cherish the roots of other aspects of our lives. One area where this is also applicable is our hair.

The quality of our locks and tresses depends on the health and vitality of our hair follicles, the roots of our hair. Treating just our visible strands is only half the story. Our follicles are the structures that actually grow our hair.

Laura was able to reverse her menopause-induced hair loss by using our Dr.UGro Gashee Hair Roots lotion
Laura was able to reverse her menopause-induced hair loss by using our Dr.UGro Gashee Hair Roots lotion

Our Ancestor Roots – The Genius Origins of Plant-Based Healing

Anonymous quote about ancestors: "One generation plants the trees, and another gets the shade."
Anonymous quote about ancestors: “One generation plants the trees, and another gets the shade.”















So many of us are now turning to natural solutions for many of our health and lifestyle needs. More so than ever, we have convenient access to products like essential oils, herbal medicines, organic fruits and vegetables, alternative teas, and superfood drink powders, just to name a few. For just about any ailment, there is some type of natural, plant-based answer that is commercially and readily available to us.

However, this knowledge is not something that originated with product manufacturers who are interested in the pristine healing properties inherent in flowers, berries, seeds, roots, leaves, barks, etc. 

All that we know now, which comprises our natural health and wellness market actually originated thousands of years ago from our ancestors, all across the globe. 

No books, articles, or manuals existed. The collective knowledge of our ancestors stemmed from years and years of closely observing the plant kingdom around them. Using their own personal experiences, they made use of simple trial and error processes to learn about the properties of all types of botanicals and plant matter.

This hard-won information was achieved through painstaking endeavors that led to new breakthroughs in the course of humanity.

At Dr.UGro Gashee, we cannot hope to take credit for the ingredient selections that we made for our hair growth and wellness products.  And so we proudly recognize our ancestors for cultivating the knowledge needed to make our products work for the men and women who choose our brand. We sum up this acknowledgment for our ancestors through our tagline, cherish your roots, as an easy-to-remember message that we hope to spread along our journey. We hope this enriches your understanding of life as it has for us. 

Your Follicles Are Your Hair’s Roots

Learn to cherish your roots and love the hair that nature gave you.
Learn to cherish your roots and love the hair that nature gave you.



















Using hand-selected botanical healing ingredients that our ancestors used, Dr.UGro Gashee’s products have been crafted for use on not just the hair itself, but more importantly the hair follicle roots. Men and women can apply our topical products by massaging the formulations on the scalp, or the ends of their hair.

These days, there are numerous hairstyling, conditioning, and moisturizing products to choose from. However, men and women have made it a habit to only use these items to care for the outer hair strands. We often forget that our hair follicles are the structures that actually produce our hair. They house intricate cellular processes that construct individual hair strands from amino acids.

From this standpoint, it then makes perfect sense to optimize the health, well-being, and robustness of our hair follicles. Take care of these roots, and they will surely serve your hair well.

Love Yourself, Love Your Hair and Love Your Family’s Roots

Cherish your family's roots to embrace more of who you uniquely are
Cherish your family’s roots to embrace more of who you uniquely are















Your ancestors gave you your DNA. This genetic blueprint contains the instructions for your body to create your hair’s color, thickness, and texture. Your hair is beautiful just as it is. However, as humans, it is a common tendency for us to think that the grass is somehow greener on the other side. All the time, we see people who are born with perfectly straight hair and wish it to be wavy. Likewise, there are also those who are born with curly or even Afro-textured hair who want for their hair to be perfectly straight.

Although it is always nice to experiment once in a while with different hairstyles, it is even better to fully appreciate the beauty of the hair that Nature has already given to you.

Cherish the Roots of Your Hair

For more beautiful hair, now and the years to come, take care of your follicle roots
For more beautiful hair, now and the years to come, take care of your follicle roots



















By cherishing our human roots, we can then expand our perspective of life through a much greater viewpoint on our physical existence here on earth. 

But there is still yet another life-enhancing interpretation that will help us more fully love the image of the person that we see each morning in front of the mirror, with the uniquely beautiful hair that Nature had originally intended for us. 

As we learn to cherish the roots of our own hair, we then become consciously more mindful than ever before of our follicles’ well-being. Admittedly, this is not something we often think about. And it is quite easy to forget that our hair follicles are actually the organs whose job it is to construct the actual strands of our hair. 

As a result, the hair beautification practices that our society has adopted focuses on just the outer strands alone. Examples include:

  • Perms
  • Extensions
  • Chemical straightening
  • Weaves
  • Hair coloring

These techniques have become incredibly popular because they produce instant and drastic changes. But the downside is that regular usage will eventually damage the hair. And when taken to extremes for long periods of time, the effects can be irreversible, especially when the hair follicles themselves are damaged and can no longer produce normal and healthy hair growth. 

Dr.UGro Gashee Helps You Easily Cherish Your Hair’s Roots

At Dr. UGro Gashee, our dermatologist-formulated brand makes it possible to care for both the outer texture of the hair strands, but more importantly the follicle roots themselves. 

We care deeply about helping our customers feel happy with long-term, sustainable results, not instant gratification and disappointing outcomes down the road. 

We have undergone our own path of empirical learning to figure out the science behind hair follicle health, including intricate pathways and what natural, plant-based ingredients are most conducive to their optimal state of wellness.

Celebrate the Hair That Nature Gave You

All shades and textures of hair are beautiful
All shades and textures of hair are naturally beautiful


























Whether you have curly, Afro-textured hair or fine, thick, or straight hair, what you were born with through your genetic roots is inherently beautiful. There is no need to feel pressured to always emulate someone else’s standards. 

We decided to create this video to help more people become aware of this message.

We hope to drive home the following truisms:

  1. Healthy hair starts with tendering to the follicle roots of your hair. You will be sure to love your hair more and more over time by choosing this path
  2. Diversity is beautiful. Think of it this way. Our world would be devoid of beauty if everyone looked exactly the same. Diversity is an essential part of beauty.

Cherishing your roots will make a difference in your hair and the quality of your life. Here are two examples of women who cherished their roots with Dr.UGro Gashee. By doing so, they were able to experience an amazing transformative regrowth of their hair.


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Frequently Asked Questions – Heal From Hair Loss By Cherishing Your Roots

Can Dr.UGro Gashee help with Traction Alopecia? 

Dr.UGro Gashee is formulated with natural plant-based ingredients that have been supported through controlled scientific research studies. Besides supporting the nutritional needs of our hair, our products also include natural constituents, including antioxidants and even compounds that have been shown to improve cell reproduction. These types of factors are important for helping hair follicles recover from damage caused by the constant pulling of the hair. 

How does Dr.UGro Gashee help people like the women above regrow their hair?

Dr.UGro Gashee makes use of whole plant extracts. We are aware that plants naturally contain many alkaloid variations. When consumed orally or topically, our body’s own innate intelligence allows it to select the right molecular variant needed to heal itself and restore its natural state of balance and equilibrium.  Our bodies know what nutrients and compounds are needed to care for all its tissues, cells, and structures, including our hair follicles. Our hair follicles, in turn, are also aware of what is needed to restore their original state of health. 

Our whole-plant products are exquisitely formulated to deliver the right nutritional and healing treatment compounds to both our bodies and hair follicles. This makes it possible for our customers, like the ones shown above to achieve the life-changing regrowth outcomes shown in their videos. 

Can younger women with hair issues also use Dr.UGro Gashee?

Dr.UGro Gashee is safe and effective for younger and older individuals, males and females. Hair issues must first, however, be diagnosed to determine the underlying causes (e.g. immune system disorders, thyroid problems, side effects from prescription medications, etc.)

This type of specific information is important for determining the most appropriate form of treatment. Dr.UGro Gashee is not intended to replace medical recommendations for treating hair loss. But rather it may be considered as a supportive or supplementary intervention within the scope of a physician’s plan for intervention. 

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