Celery for Hair Health & Growth: Benefits, Research Studies

Published on October 27, 2021. Last Updated on November 22, 2021.

What is Celery: Celery is an alkaline vegetable that can be eaten raw or cooked. It is a marshland plant from the Apiaceae family, cultivated since antiquity. Recently, celery juice benefits for hair have grown in popularity. Researchers are now finding that celery may be a vegetable that helps hair health and hair growth. Today we will cover celery’s health benefits, celery juice benefits for hair loss, and other important facts regarding celery and its benefits for hair and hair health.

Did you know that humans have been cultivating and transporting celery seeds since 4,000 B.C? In China, Egypt, and Rome, celery was used as a remedy for many health issues. These civilizations have used celery to cure hangovers or even as an aphrodisiac.

Celery is very healthy and nutritious, mainly if eaten whole. It can be consumed as a vegetable or prepared in juice form to maximize its health and beauty benefits for the body, skin, and hair.

Celery may help hair growth and health due to its many nutrients.
Celery may help hair growth and health due to its many nutrients.

Celery for Hair Health Benefits

Celery contains Vitamin A, B, C, K, Niacin, and Folate, which are all critical in repairing cells involved throughout the body, from the skin, hair strands, hair follicles, as well as maintaining good hair and scalp health.

These essential beauty vitamins also play a significant role in producing collagen, which nourishes the skin. And due to celery’s alkaline qualities, consuming celery as part of your diet can also help bring balance to your body’s pH levels.

Alkaline foods are known to slow down aging and prevent diseases.

Celery Research Study: Antioxidant Properties of Celery

As stated by a 2017 study on celery published in The Journal of Evidence-Based Complementary & Alternative Medicine, researchers state that celery, due to compounds such as caffeic acid, p-coumaric acid, ferulic acid, apigenin, luteolin, tannin, saponin, and kaempferol, has powerful antioxidant characteristics, to remove free radicals.”

The parts of celery that they studied include the seeds, leaves, and essential oils.

In conclusion, these researchers state that it is “clear that celery with different compounds and diverse concentrations,” can have “varied healing effects.”

Can Juicing Celery Make Your Hair Grow?

As a vegetable that helps hair growth, eating or juicing celery can potentially help hair growth and hair health due to the bountiful phytonutrients, vitamins, and other nutrients found within celery.

Does Celery Juice Cause Hair Loss?

There have been reports that drinking celery juice causes hair loss – this may be because celery is high in vitamin A. 

Interestingly, vitamin A, which enhances hair health and is one of the primary components in celery that may promote hair growth – can also induce hair loss if taken in excess. Therefore, to maximize celery juice benefits for hair, it is best to stay within the healthy ranges of celery and vitamin A, as stated in the recommended celery dosages below.

How Much Celery? Recommended Celery Dosage for Hair Health

To attain strong, healthy hair and possibly promote hair growth, it is recommended to juice or consume about 16 ounces or 1 lb of celery – which is typically how much celery you would find in a stalk bundle of celery from the local market. Staying within this range is a good way to maximize celery juice benefits for hair.

If you are consuming celery as part of your diet, eating 16 ounces or 1 lb of celery every day may be challenging, yet having just a few ribs or stalks of celery in your daily diet can still help maintain or improve your hair health.

Health Tip: The most nutritious celery requires high levels of moisture, but also requires a lower temperature. Therefore, the highest quality celery can be found from cold and mild environments.

Celery Juice Benefits for Hair Loss: Recommended Health Tips & More

Suppose you want to juice celery and incorporate it into your lifestyle for its health benefits. In that case, it is recommended that you drink 16 ounces of celery juice every morning on an empty stomach.

  • Make sure it is fresh plain celery juice with no other ingredients
  • You may still need breakfast afterward as celery is medicinal and is low in calories
  • Once you drink your celery juice, wait at least 15 minutes before consuming anything else
  • It is also recommended to use organic celery whenever possible
  • If you are using non-organic celery, make sure to wash it thoroughly before juicing

Note that some people may experience a change in bowel movements when first starting to consume celery juice. This is a normal reaction that some people may experience as part of the body’s detoxification process, and bowel movements should return to normal or improved states within due time.

The Difference in Juicing Celery vs. Eating Celery Raw

Eating celery stalks, whether raw or cooked, can be very healthy for your body, but there is still a slight difference between eating celery and drinking celery juice.

Once celery is juiced, the pulp (fibers) of the celery is removed, and some may believe that the healing benefits of celery, as well as celery juice benefits for hair loss, are improved.

More so, you can consume much more celery juice than you would eat, as the juice condenses and takes a smaller space within your stomach. Besides this difference in how much volume of celery you can consume in juice form vs raw form, celery juice benefits for the hair should be very similar to the benefits of eating raw celery.

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Celery Benefits for Hair Growth & Health

Due to its high amount of water and Vitamin A content, consuming celery as part of your diet or taking celery extract supplements or topicals can help the hair in several ways:

  • Helps strengthen and maintain healthy hair
  • Keeps scalp hydrated
  • Helps cure dandruff
  • Nourishes roots and strands of hair
  • Aids hair growth 
  • Improves texture of hair

This is due to the high amount of vitamins, such as vitamin A, found within celery. More so, celery also contains phenolic and phytonutrients, with many antioxidant-rich compounds crucial in improving hair, skin, and health in general. This is why celery juice benefits for hair loss often extend to other parts of the body as well such as the hair, skin, and nails, indirectly due to celery’s holistic body healing properties.

More so, these antioxidant-rich compounds within celery reduce oxidative stress, which lowers the risk of chronic diseases such as diabetes, thyroid, heart diseases, certain cancers, and obesity.

Additionally, celery also contains plenty of vitamin C that boosts the immune system and fights off scalp infection, saving roots from damage.

Finally, celery juice benefits for hair also works great in removing any inflammation or skin problems on the scalp. When applied directly as a topical on the scalp, celery juice, topical, or extract can work well to save the roots of the hair.

Other Health Benefits of Celery

Besides being a great addition to hair health, celery has long been regarded as a healthy and valuable vegetable for detoxing due to the plethora of other health benefits it offers:

  • Full of antioxidants
  • Lowers cholesterol
  • Prevent cardiovascular diseases
  • Prevents jaundice
  • Aids weight loss
  • Keeps skin young and glowing
  • Treat insomnia
  • Improve gut health
  • Helps detoxify liver
  • Antifungal
  • Anti-inflammatory
  • Prevent dehydration

Celery’s Antioxidant Content

Celery is full of innate compounds such as caffeic acid, p-coumaric acid, ferulic acid, apigenin, luteolin, tannin, saponin, and kaempferol, all of which are powerful antioxidants that help fight cell aging, neutralize free radicals, and potentially fend cancer growth. As part of celery juice benefits for hair loss, antioxidants are important in keeping cells and hair young and healthy, free from the effects of aging.

Celery Lowers Cholesterol

Due to celery being rich in a chemical compound, 3-n-butylphthalide, celery can also be effective in helping reduce bad cholesterol (low-density lipoprotein) in the bloodstream, lowering overall cholesterol levels.

Celery & Dieting: Appetite Suppression

More so, celery also increases the secretion of bile or steroid acids, which helps proper digestion. Because celery is low in calories and full of fibers, celery can help prevent binge eating and aids in weight loss. 

Celery as a Sleeping Aid

Finally, celery can also be used to help with insomnia or sleep disorder. Drinking a glass of celery juice before going to sleep can help make falling asleep easier as the magnesium content and essential oils of the juice can provide a soothing effect and help improve the quality of your sleep. 

Celery Nutritional Value

For 1 cup serving of celery, or 110 grams, celery contains the following nutrition:

  • Calories: 18gm
  • Carbohydrate: 3.8gm
  • Fat: 0.2 gm
  • Protein: 0.8gm
  • Dietary Fiber: 1.8gm
  • Vitamin A: 10%
  • Vitamin C: 6%
  • Vitamin E:1%
  • Vitamin K: 40%
  • Folate: 10%
  • Calcium: 44mg
  • Potassium: 286 mg
  • Sodium: 88mg

EWG Celery Safety Profile

According to the EWG, celery scores a 1 on the food safety score, noting that EWG has not identified any potential risks of celery for cancer, developmental and reproductive toxicity, allergies, nor immunotoxicity.

Celery Possible Side Effects & Important Information

According to WebMD, celery taken orally by mouth (celery oil, celery seeds, celery extract supplements) is likely safe when taken in food amounts. 

However, it is important to note that some people are allergic to celery.

Allergic reactions to celery can range from skin rashes to anaphylaxis. More so, celery can also cause increased sensitivity to the sun.

It is also important to note that celery oil and celery seeds are LIKELY UNSAFE when taken by mouth during pregnancy – in amounts prescribed as medicine. Large amounts of celery may induce contractions within the uterus, causing a possible miscarriage.

Possible Celery-Related Allergies

Celery may cause allergic reactions in those who are sensitive to other plants and spices such as wild carrot, mugwort, birch, caraway, fennel or coriander seeds, parsley, anise, plantain, and dandelion. 

Allergies related to any of these plants or celery are known as “celery-carrot-mugwort-spice syndrome” or the “celery-mugwort-birch-spice” syndrome.

More information on celery-related allergies.

Harness the Celery-Infused Power of Dr.UGro All-Natural GASHEE Topicals

Celery is one of the many powerful all-natural and plant-based ingredients in Dr.UGro Gashee Pomade and Lotion for improved hair health. To help increase the feel and appearance of hair density, thickness, and volume, or to help regrow hair lost or aid hair growth, apply a pea-sized amount to fingers and rub directly on to scalp or targeted area.

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VIDEO: Dr. UGro Gashee Topicals: Before & After Results

Diane noticed that the texture and thickness of her hair changed. It was patchy and frail. There were sparse hairs revealing a substantial part of her scalp, and the hair on her edges and temples was short, lacking in volume, fullness, and was beginning to break.

For Diane, it was perhaps stress as the tipping point, as her husband Tony noted that the recent death of her parents and siblings had possibly attributed to heart-wrenching stress that may have contributed to the change in Diane’s hair.

Dr. UGro Gashee: Before & After Pictures – Hair Health Improvement Results

Dr. UGro Gashee all-natural hair growth results: before and after several months of consistent usage. Note the improved fullness, length, texture, sheen, and shine of Diane’s new overall hair health.

Diane before and after several months using celery containing topical pomade Gashee*
Hair improvements before and after several months using Celery containing topical pomade Gashee*

Within a few months, Diane’s hair was fuller. “There was a striking difference in her hair in comparison to pictures she’d taken before using the products,” she pointed out.

“It has changed my life,” Diane said with a smile. “In terms of how I see myself and how I am confident in appearing in the outside world.”

For more of Diane’s personal testimonial on her happiness and satisfaction with Dr. UGro GASHEE Natural Hair Growth Products, visit Diane’s full interview here.

Hair Growth & Hair Health Improvement Backed by Science: Gashee Topical Research Results

In a 2021 study published in Hindawi, Dr. Sanusi Umar of Dr.UGro Gashee evaluated the efficiency, safety, and tolerability of Gashee all-natural topical lotion in stimulating hair growth.

This study was conducted on a diverse group of five patients (in terms of age, sex, race, and cause of hair loss). Every member in the study exclusively used Dr.UGro Gashee Topical Lotion, and they all reported a “high satisfaction level and safety profile after using the topical cosmeceutical.”

For example, one patient, a 68-year old Caucasian woman, had hair loss with significant hairline recession and thinning of the front, top, and crown. After 1 year of taking 2% topical minoxidil and other oral hair and nail growth supplements without noticeable results, the woman discontinued all of these treatments. She replaced them with the Dr.UGro Gashee topical lotion. The results of her hair growth can be seen in the picture below after 4 months of use of Gashee topical lotion.

Before and after picture study results for hair growth following 4 months of Dr. UGro Gashee Topical Lotion, results from the published medical review on Dr.UGRO Gashee Lotion Topical for Hair Health.
Before and after picture study results for hair growth following 4 months of Dr. UGro Gashee Topical Lotion, results from the published medical review on Dr.UGRO Gashee Lotion Topical for Hair Health.

The woman applied the lotion to her scalp once at night for 3 months. After leaving the lotion on her scalp throughout the night, she washed her scalp each morning. In between washing, she noticed a reduction in the rate of hair shedding. After 3 months, new hair growth in the affected area was observable, and her hair loss completely stopped.

What Makes Dr.UGro Gashee Hair-Growth Products Different

Dr. UGro Gashee Botanical Topical Lotion is uniquely formulated by Dr. Sanusi Umar, a double-licensed dermatologist, and pioneer of the FUE hair transplant method with over 25 years of experience in the field.

Unlike other products dedicated to hair health and hair improvement, Gashee’s powerful blend of natural plant-based ingredients has been cold-formulated to maximize each plant’s unique properties, delivery, and penetration, combining them to stimulate different pathways and functions within the body to maximize hair health, hair health improvement, and hair growth. This is why Gashee Products have been able to often deliver hair health improvement results much more significant and noticeable than other medicines, treatments, prescribed or over-the-counter.

If you are tired of trying products that do not help improve hair health and want to try an all-natural and healthy approach to hair health maintenance or optimization, try our Dr. UGro Gashee All-Natural hair products today.

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