Calcium for Hair: Benefits, Research & More

Published on October 22, 2021. Last Updated on December 2, 2021.

What is Calcium: Is calcium good for hair? Calcium hair growth can be attributed to how calcium is an essential mineral needed for life. It is the most abundant mineral and the body, and it is vital for many functions throughout the body, from the cardiovascular, muscular, and nervous systems. In this article, we will cover calcium-rich foods for hair growth and calcium hair growth supplements that may help grow, restore, or maintain hair health.

Calcium plays several significant roles within the body – particularly in building bones and keeping them healthy. More so, calcium helps the blood clot, the muscles contract, and the heart to beat. Approximately 99% of the calcium in our bodies can be found in our bones and teeth.

On a daily basis, calcium is lost through skin, nails, hair, sweat, urine, and feces. The human body cannot produce its calcium, and therefore, calcium is needed as a part of a healthy diet. When not enough calcium is consumed, the body extracts calcium from the bones, leading to bones getting weaker and breaking.

Calcium Benefits for Hair Growth

Calcium for hair growth and hair health can be found in milk and almonds, as well as a range of other dairy products.
Calcium for hair growth and hair health can be found in milk and almonds, as well as a range of other dairy products.

Is calcium good for hair? Today, researchers found that calcium may also affect hair growth. Besides aiding bones, calcium also helps with the secretion of hormones. There are hormones, such as androgens, which stimulate hair growth, and due to this fact, calcium intake may be associated with hair growth and healthy, glowing hair.

For example, a lack of nutrition, such as calcium, can result in hair loss.

Calcium & Iron for Hair Growth

For beautiful locks of hair, the body needs a sufficient amount of iron. Yet, taking iron alone is not enough because calcium is equally essential: calcium is needed to help the body absorb iron. Once the body has enough levels of both iron and calcium, the body can then use these elements to help grow or regrow hair on the scalp.

Calcium & Silica

Silica is known in the beauty world to help create thicker, healthier hair – but without enough calcium in the body, the body will not properly absorb and utilize the silica for hair growth and hair health.

Calcium Studies on Hair Growth & Hair Health

A significant part of hair growth is affected by cell mediators. Cell mediators stimulate cell membrane phospholipids within hair follicles, which are stimulated by the body’s calcium supply. Therefore, one can conclude that the body’s calcium supply is a critical factor that determines hair health and new hair production.

2016 Study on Transient Role of Calcium on Hair Follicle Cycle

In this 2016 study, researchers studied the role of calcium on the developmental hair follicle cycle in mice mothers and their pups. 

In this study, a group of mice and their pups were given a diet low in calcium and vitamin D. Within a few weeks, the mice and their pups showed symptoms of alopecia or hair loss with balding patches on their fur. Some pups reported having “complete hair loss on their trunks and the base of their tail.”

By the end of this study, researchers found that low dietary calcium leads to “transient alopecia” in pre-weaned pups due to a process of increased apoptosis. 

Fortunately, permanent recovery of hair follicle cycling was available and observed in these pups after weaning, as well as a substitution of a high calcium and vitamin D diet.

Calcium’s Role in Hair Follicle Cycle: 2016 Study Conclusion

In conclusion, the researchers stated that these results “highlight the role of calcium and vitamin D during the developmental hair follicle cycle.”

As the taking away of calcium had led to alopecia or hair loss in the mice and their pups, it seems plausible to correlate enough calcium intake with healthy, growing hair. More so, because the mice with hair loss began to regrow their hair once supplemented with a diet high in calcium, it also seems plausible that calcium can indeed help stimulate the hair follicle growth cycle, stimulating hair growth or even hair restoration in the hair balding areas.

Yet, due to this study being done on mice – these findings cannot be entirely and conclusively stated for human hair or human growth – but there are more studies on calcium’s relationship with hair growth that is done on humans, as seen below.

2016 Study on Nutrition of Women with Hair Loss Problem During Period of Menopause

In this 2016 study, researchers tested the relationship between calcium and hair loss or hair growth in women who reported hair loss issues during menopause.

In this study, scientists state how “calcium in hair exceeds by 200 times the concentration of calcium found in the blood.” Due to this and calcium’s role in hormone production, which facilitates the growth of new hairs and hair follicles, scientists state that calcium is an element that plays a significant role in “keeping hair in proper state.”

More so, scientists noted that women, particularly during the perimenopause period, are often exposed to calcium deficiency – and that an “extra dietary intake of 260 mg of calcium” is often needed to offset this loss.

Due to the findings in this research, it seems plausible that meeting the recommended dosage of daily calcium intake is vital in keeping hair healthy and growing to its maximum potential.

In the research below, studies further support how calcium can provide an alternative treatment to hair loss or alopecia, as opposed to chemical treatments such as minoxidil.

2017 Study Comparing Effects of Calcium vs. Minoxidil for Hair Loss

In this 2017 study, 73 women 15-45 years old with reported hair loss symptoms were subject to a simple randomization test to compare different hair loss treatments: minoxidil vs. calcium pantothenate.

The researcher’s findings show a significant change in hair count and thickness in both the minoxidil and the calcium groups. Still, the calcium group reported more evident and significant results and growth in hair thickness. Therefore, the women in this study given calcium had a more substantial increase in their hair shafts’ thickness.

Therefore, in conclusion, these researchers stated that calcium “could be a good choice for hair loss control” during the initial stages of alopecia.

These findings are significant due to the lack of side effects and complications from calcium supplementation. There are many reported cases of unwanted side effects that come with taking minoxidil, a commonly used synthetic chemical treatment used to treat hair loss.

2019 Study on Complementary & Alternative Treatments for Alopecia

Furthermore, in a 2019 study on different alternative treatments for alopecia, researchers tested the efficiency of multiple alternative treatments for alopecia.

In one of their experiments, scientists found that a calcium oral supplementation taken twice daily for 6 months had “showed a significantly increased anagen rate in 40 female patients.”

This is important in the sense of alternative solutions for hair loss because an increased anagen rate means that hair is growing faster.

Due to these findings, it can be safely concluded that calcium can play a direct role in the creation of new hair, as well as the speed of its growth rate.

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Conclusion: Does Calcium Help Hair Loss?

Is calcium good for hair? Based on the evidence and findings of these studies, it seems that calcium does play a likely and beneficial role in determining hair growth, hair regrowth, hair health, as well as hair follicle stimulation for growth. 

Therefore if you are looking for a hair growth supplement to help your hair, calcium may be a good addition for you.

More so, it is always recommended to add calcium-rich foods for hair growth in your diet to ensure that your body meets the minimum daily requirements for calcium.

Daily Recommended Intake of Calcium

The recommended daily intake (RDI) of calcium is 1,000 mg per day for most adults.

However, women over 50 and everyone over 70 should take 1,200 mg per day, while children aged 4-18 are recommended to take 1,300 mg per day.

To meet these requirements, you can add calcium-rich foods for hair growth to your diet as mentioned above. If you are allergic to dairy or lactose, it is also recommended to supplement your calcium intake with natural oral supplements for hair health.

Besides making sure that you have the recommended amount of calcium in your daily intake for hair growth and health, it is generally recommended that you take enough calcium regardless because calcium levels are essential to not only hair health but whole-body health as well.

Best Sources of Calcium

Calcium-rich foods for hair growth include dairy products such as milk, yogurt, and cheese. There are also some green vegetables and other foods which contain calcium in smaller amounts.

  1. Seeds: poppy, sesame, celery, chia seeds
  2. Cheese (parmesan cheese with the highest, or 33% of RDI per ounce)
  3. Yogurt
  4. Sardines
  5. Salmon
  6. Beans and Lentils
  7. Almonds
  8. Whey Protein
  9. Dark Leafy Greens (spinach, kale, collard greens)
  10. Rhubarb
  11. Edamame
  12. Tofu
  13. Figs

More so, it is important to note that the body absorbs calcium from dairy products more easily than plant sources and that calcium is best absorbed when taken in amounts of 500 – 600 mg or less.

Important Notes to Consider

Although having a high enough calcium intake is important, the human body also needs Vitamin D to aid with the absorption of calcium. Therefore, it is not enough to add calcium-rich foods for hair growth into your diet but to also balance the calcium with vitamin D and other vitamins, minerals.

Another important note to consider is that a large intake of caffeine can increase calcium excretion and lower the absorption of calcium.

Calcium & Magnesium Balance

More so, suggests that magnesium should also be taken with calcium to maintain healthy calcium levels in the body. Without the magnesium to balance calcium, large doses of calcium may be harmful.

Calcium for Hair: What is the Best Way to Take Calcium for Hair Growth & Health?

Although research and studies, such as those shown previously above, note that calcium is an essential part of hair health and hair growth, the best way to take calcium for hair health is by equally supplementing it with other trace minerals, elements, and vitamins crucial to the development of new hairs.

For example, vitamin D is also required to regulate calcium homeostasis levels within the body – so that calcium absorbed through the diet can be fully utilized for the body’s hair and bones.

Therefore, calcium is only part of a range of vitamins and minerals needed in the human body. To maximize calcium’s effectiveness in maximizing hair health and more, it is essential to consider calcium’s relationship and workings with other elements such as magnesium, zinc, as well as vitamins such as vitamin B and vitamin D.

To make the most out of calcium supplementation for hair health, it is best to take calcium along with a good balance of these other trace elements and vitamins essential for hair growth and hair health.

Recommended Calcium Supplementation for Hair Growth

The human body naturally excretes calcium, and because we cannot produce calcium by ourselves within the body, dietary or supplementation calcium is essential to maintain optimal hair health. More so, other external factors such as age, sex, and more can increase the need for calcium intake.

If you are looking to maintain or improve the health and quality of your hair or are looking for natural ways to help restore or repair thinning or balding hair, calcium supplementation can be a great way to do so without dramatically changing your diet.

Harness the Calcium-Infused Power of Dr.UGro GASHEE Natural Oral Hair Supplements

In some cases, it may be hard for some to reach the minimum dietary intake through eating calcium-rich foods for hair growth. If that is the case, or if you are looking for an easier way to supplement your body with enough calcium for hair growth without eating too much dairy products, Dr.UGro has a natural and effective solution for your hair health.

Calcium is one of the many powerful ingredients found in Dr.UGro Gashee Oral Hair Supplements. More so, vitamin D, magnesium, selenium, and more essential vitamins and trace minerals needed for hair growth can be found in Dr.UGro GASHEE Natural Oral Hair Supplements.

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VIDEO: Dr. UGRO Gashee Before & After Results

If you have been struggling with hair loss, bald patches of hair, thinning hair, or a decrease in your hair health, you may possibly relate to Jovon’s story. In the video below, you can watch the before and after results that Jovon had using Dr.UGRO GASHEE Natural Oral Hair Health Supplements & Topical Botanical Lotion.


To understand more about her journey, of how she dealt with her hair health previously, the measures she took before to try to improve it, and the specific and amazing results that she encountered when she finally began to start using Dr.U’s GASHEE Natural Hair Health Products, read on below to hear her happy user testimony and story.

Meet Jovon: Jovon had came in for a consultation because she first noticed that her hairline was receding. After finding chunks of hair in her shower after washing, as well as chunks of hair that fell after she combed her hair, she knew that it was time to take action towards her hair health.

Problems Jovon Had to Deal With Concerning Her Hair Health

  • Receding hairline
  • Chunks of hair falling out during shower
  • Chunks of hair falling out after combing hair

Fortunately, Jovon happened to stumble to Dr.UGRO GASHEE’s Instagram Page, and after looking at the testimonials, the before and after results of what Dr.U’s GASHEE Hair Health Products can do for hair health, she decided to give it a try.

Dr. UGro Gashee Before & After Pictures: Hair Health Improvement Results

Dr. UGro Gashee’s natural hair growth and hair improvement results; the before and after results after 4 months of consistent usage. Note how the fullness, length, texture, sheen, and shine of her overall hair health has improved, and in particular, how well her hairline grew back and thickened in volume and in the density of her hair.

Before and after results: Gashee Oral Natural Hair Growth Supplements. Hair Improvement before and after 4 months of using Keratin containing supplement Gashee*
Hair Improvement results before and after 4 months of using Calcium-containing supplement Gashee*

Improved Hair Health & Improved Nail Health As Well!

Within 4 months’ time of using GASHEE Natural Hair Health Oral Supplements and Topical Lotion, Jovon was able to grow back her hairline and reports that her hair is now “a lot thicker” and that after using GASHEE products, her hair now had stopped “falling off.” Incredibly so, as an added benefit, the calcium content found in her GASHEE Oral Supplements was also able to strengthen her nails: she reports that her nails grew “a lot faster and longer” while she was under the GASHEE supplements.

Dr. UGro Gashee Oral Supplements: Before & After Results for Nail Health

As mentioned previously, Gashee Oral Supplements also offer powerful nail-strengthening qualities due to their calcium and keratin content. In the before and after picture results below, Jovon was able to experience significant growth and lengthening of her nails.

Previously, she noticed that her nails would be brittle and weak, prone to breakage after a certain length – but after 4 months of using Gashee oral supplements, not only have her hair improved in health and strength, but her nails did so as well – with clear before and after picture results images shown below.

Before and after results: nail health using Dr.UGro Gashee Oral Supplements for Hair Growth.
Before and after hair growth results of Dr. UGro Gashee Oral Supplements after 4 months of treatment.

So all in all, besides spectacular hair growth, from the improved thickness of hair, improved volume, and a restoration of her hairline, Dr. UGro Gashee Oral Supplements also helped Jovan grow and strengthen her nails. For more information regarding Jovan’s hair and nail transformation, her experiences throughout the process, and how she feels after taking Dr.UGRO GASHEE Oral Hair Supplements and Topicals, see her video interview below.

VIDEO: Dr.UGro Gashee Oral Supplements Before & After Results for Nail Health

Below is a video interview of Jovon – what she experienced in 4 months of using Dr.UGro Gashee oral supplements. Note the sheen and healthy look of her nails. In her own words, her nails “grew really long and fast. My natural nails have never grown this much in my life!” More so, “they did not break, and they just kept growing!”

If you are interested in improving your hair health, or if you are looking for a natural solution to help maintain your hair health and combat the effects of aging on hair, try Dr.UGRO Natural GASHEE Hair Products today to see, feel and experience what the power of plants and modern medicine can do for you and your roots!

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