As soon as Carla and Jodie saw what made Rapunzel let down her long hair in the first place, they clutched their sparse scalps in shock. Like most people, they heard the story as kids. But never did they imagine that Rapunzel was a real woman—who worked hard to earn those locks with a secret
What Does The Smell Of Your Hair Product Tell You? It Smells Like an Herb Because It Is An Herb: The best smelling hair products might be the ones that feel the most familiar. Take a deep breath and draw it in. Upon taking the first sniff of topical Dr.UGro Gashee botanical hair product, you
green tea for hair health
Green Tea For Hair Health: How The Ancient Chinese Unlocked The Secret Science of Green Tea: Many are beginning to consider the benefits of green tea for hair health. The ancient Chinese first used green tea for medicinal purposes in Southwest China. As far back as 1100BC and 200BC, the society recommended drinking tea to
natural aromas of Gashee
When it’s time to break into your first Dr. UGro™ Gashee products, you can expect your nostrils to do a double-take from the natural scents. Ingredients plucked straight from nature make for a crimson-colored concoction with a scent you might not expect from something you put on your hair. And first and foremost, Gashee products
hair care tips for black women
Hair care tips for black women: The hair in black women has a tendency to break, is excessively sensitive to dryness and very difficult to tame. Black hair’s curly structure makes it more prone to damage than the hair of other ethnic group. It’s important to maintain a healthy diet and consistent cleaning regimen in
Natural hair restoration techniques for targeting common hair loss pathways are finding more support from modern researchers
It seems that there are natural forms of remedies for just about every area of health. Many people are even seeking solutions for restoring hair growth, softness and shine naturally without the toxic risks of man-made chemicals. But is the growing demand for these types of treatment approaches based on a nostalgia for oral tradition