Natural Scents: 6 Ways You’ll Describe This Hair Product Once You Smell It

Published on January 30, 2020. Last Updated on November 2, 2020.

When it’s time to break into your first Dr. UGro™ Gashee products, you can expect your nostrils to do a double-take from the natural scents. Ingredients plucked straight from nature make for a crimson-colored concoction with a scent you might not expect from something you put on your hair. And first and foremost, Gashee products might smell a bit like an herb to you. Why? Because, wellthey are herbs. Read on as we predict the adjectives that might come to mind as you take a whiff of our powerful products.

Natural Scents: 6 Ways You’ll Describe This Hair Product Once You Smell It


1. Earthy

Each of the natural scents found in Dr. UGro products come from substances that naturally occur on our planet. For instance, rosemary, one of the ingredient list’s most pungent players, has been known to stimulate blood flow to the scalp. It’s antimicrobial as well, which wards off inflammation that could harm the follicles. Rosemary essence may also cause hair growth by blocking 5a-reductase to lower DHT levels (1).

2. Unique

Each of the 26 ingredients in Dr. UGro products have their own distinctive natural scents. Given that, Dr.UGro users have attributed the product to a “unique” aroma. According to Merriam-Webster, “unique” means “being the only one of its kind; unlike anything else.” No, we haven’t sniffed every hair product under the sun. So, who knows if this stuff smells similar to anything else on the market? But we’re willing to bet that once the hydrangea, lemongrass oil, and peppermint spend a second or two up your schnoz, you’ll be calling this scent “unique” as well.

3. Musky 

The language experts at refer to “musky” as a strong, sweet smell. Deer in the wild see “musky” as something in the air that makes them want to get it on. No, really. Deer secrete a musky odor to draw their mates in. And for this reason, humans have turned to the scent of musk to do the same thing. We’re not saying that some Dr. UGro on the scalp won’t increase your swipe-right ratio this summer. But we’re also not *NOT* saying it.


4. Botanical

How to describe the ingredient list for Dr. UGro products? Three words: Plants for DAYS. If you’re wondering why this stuff smells like an herb, then that’s because it’s chock-full of herbs. A dab of lemongrass oil, a perennial herb native to Southeast Asia, lends antioxidant and anti-inflammatory properties. Polygonum multiflorum, an herb used for centuries in Chinese medicine, has been proven to lead to improvements in hair loss, growth, and a reduction in shedding (2). Eclipta Alba, an Ayurvedic herb, has been shown to outperform hair loss pharmaceutical Minoxidil on human subjects (3).

5. Spicy

A splash of Tapatio wakes up your taste buds. In a similar fashion, a smell of any Dr. UGro product’s natural scents will likely shake up your sniffer. But don’t worryyour scalp won’t even feel a tingle once the product is put on. The spice stops at the scent.

6. Crunchy

No, Dr. UGro products don’t come with a bonus pair of Birkenstocks. Nonetheless, once you coat your scalp with this cruelty-free and vegan stuff, it’s likely you’ll feel like a qualified candidate for “Tree-Hugger of the Year.” All jokes aside, the one-of-a-kind smell of Dr.UGro products is just another reminder that you’re working wonders for your hairand for the world around you.

We want to know: How do you feel about the smell of Dr.UGro™ Gashee products and their natural scents? Shop here and let us know in the comments!


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